‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33: What to Expect From the Finale

The CBS reality competition series, The Amazing Race, had a more challenging time than other television shows during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But they managed to return in season 33 and complete the season safely. And after a tumultuous race, the finale of The Amazing Race Season 33 is almost here, and we have everything you need to know about the final two legs.

'The Amazing Race' Season 33 cast, including Connie and Sam Greiner, Anthony Sadler and Spencer Stone, Arun and Natalia Kumar, Taylor and Isaiah Green-Jones, Michael Norwood and Moe Badger, Lulu and Lala Gonzalez, Caro Viehweg and Ray Gantt, Raquel Moore and Cayla Platt, Ryan Ferguson and Dusty Harris, Akbar and Sheri Cook, Kim and Penn Holderness, pose for promotional photos before the season premiere and finale.
‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33 cast | Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

When does ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33 finale air?

The Amazing Race Season 33’s final episode airs on March 2 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. It will be a special two-hour episode because the previous leg was a non-elimination round. So there are still four teams racing around the world.

The first hour will feature the final four pairs racing for a spot in the last leg. Whoever comes in last will be eliminated from the race, and the three top teams will face off for the million dollars in the second hour.

And based on the trailer for The Amazing Race Season 33 finale, the remaining contestants will struggle while fighting for a spot in the final leg.

Four teams are still racing

Raquel and Cayla, Kim and Penn, Arun and Natalia, and Ryan and Dusty are the final four teams competing in The Amazing Race Season 33 finale.

Raquel and Cayla finished first in Leg 9, so they will leave before the other teams in Leg 10. And based on host Phil Keoghan’s comments in episode 9, Kim and Penn and Arun and Natalia will depart in the next group since they finished in second and third place, respectively. And because Ryan and Dusty came in last and the non-elimination leg saved them, they will leave last as a penalty.

Raquel and Cayla’s recent win was their first time coming in first place during a leg. Kim and Penn have won four different legs. Although they have struggled in the latest episodes, Ryan and Dusty have three first-place wins. And the show saved Arun and Natalia three times from elimination due to COVID-19 and non-elimination legs. The highest placement they’ve ever gotten was third.

However, none of these statistics mean much because anything can happen in the finale of The Amazing Race Season 33. All it takes is one good leg, and any team could win it all.

Where will the duos end up in the finale of ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33?

According to Variety, four teams will make their way from Thessaloniki, Greece, to Lisbon, Portugal, to compete in Leg 10. And then, for Leg 11, the final three will travel back to the United States and race for the win in Los Angeles.

Per the promo for the episode, Phil Keoghan will crown the winner at Dignity Health Sports Park, which is just outside of LA. And it looks like the duos will have to paint, row, and smash piñatas in the challenges. But it’s unknown what other tasks the teams will have to perform during the final two legs.

Fans can tune in to the finale of The Amazing Race Season 33 on March 2 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS to find out who wins.

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