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The thirty-third edition of CBS‘s The Amazing Race was unlike any previous season. The contestants started racing in February 2020. But the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced producers to suspend the competition. Then, 19 months later, seven teams returned to complete the race. And, now, only four teams remain, and we have a recap and all of the spoilers from the finale of The Amazing Race Season 33.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from the finale of The Amazing Race Season 33.]

'The Amazing Race' Season 33 contestants Raquel Moore, Penn Holderness, Ryan Ferguson, and Natalia Kumar sit on steps and await the spoilers of who can finish a Roadblock. Raquel wears a black tank top and black leggings. Penn wears a light blue shirt and gray shorts. Ryan wears a dark gray shirt and light gray shorts. Natalia wears a red shirt and black shorts.
Raquel Moore, Penn Holderness, Ryan Ferguson, and Natalia Kumar | Photo: Courtesy of CBS

Which team spoiled their chances of making it to the final 3 in ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33?

Ryan Ferguson and Dusty Harris finished in last place during the ninth leg. However, Phil Keoghan informed them it was a non-elimination round. So, four teams remained — Ryan and Dusty, Raquel Moore and Cayla Platt, Kim and Penn Holderness, and Arun and Natalia Kumar.

During the tenth leg, the teams made their way from Greece to Lisbon, Portugal. The teams had to choose a boat that featured the name of a famous Portuguese explorer and row it to the end of the marina at the first Roadblock. Kim was the first to choose a correct boat, followed by Cayla. Ryan was wrong on his first guess, but he next picked the right boat. Arun also did not choose the right boat at first, but he was correct with his second guess.

Next, the teams replicated a painting from a sardine can on a door. Raquel and Cayla were the first to finish their painting, but they lost their map and had to stop at a gas station to buy a new one. Kim and Penn also finished. And after some struggles with a doorknob, Ryan and Dusty completed the challenge. Arun and Natalia were the last to finish their painting.

Kim and Penn arrived at the next Roadblock, where they had to count columns at a church and tell a monk the number of them. Raquel guessed the right amount of columns first, followed by Penn. Raquel and Cayla secured the win at the Pit Stop, and Kim and Penn came in second place. Dusty was the next to complete the Roadblock, securing him and Ryan a spot in the finale. That meant that Arun and Natalia finished last and were eliminated.

The following contains spoilers from the final leg of The Amazing Race Season 33.

A recap of the final leg

The remaining three teams of The Amazing Race Season 33 traveled from Portugal to Los Angeles for the eleventh and final leg. During their first challenge, they had to find the combination to unlock their clue box at the top of a tower. To get the combination, they had to find numbers on elevators. Raquel and Cayla were the first to unlock their box, followed by Kim and Penn. After some trouble, Ryan and Dusty spotted their combination.

At the next challenge, teams had to find three parts of their next clue by breaking open pinatas. Raquel and Cayla found all three of their clues first, and Kim and Penn finished before Ryan and Dusty got there. Alone at the challenge, Ryan and Dusty found their three clues.

Next, the teams became Foley artists by recreating noises from infamous scenes from The Amazing Race. Raquel and Cayla finished first, but Kim and Penn were right behind them by making up time at the Foley challenge. Ryan and Dusty moved quickly and got their next clue.

The teams then had to solve a tricky puzzle: different sayings that coordinated to things they saw during the race. Once they finished the puzzle, they ran through a tunnel to cross the finish line. So — spoiler alert — who won The Amazing Race Season 33?


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Spoiler alert: The winners of ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33 are Kim and Penn

In the end, Kim and Penn won the million-dollar grand prize in The Amazing Race Season 33. They were the first to cross the finish line at Dignity Health Sports Park, and Phil Keoghan informed them of their victory. Raquel and Kayla came in second place, and Ryan and Dusty came in third place.

Props to Kim, who drew pictures of everything she saw during the race. That attention to detail undoubtedly secured her and Penn the win during the puzzle challenge.

All episodes of The Amazing Race Season 33 will be available to stream on Paramount+ on March 3. And CBS has yet to renew The Amazing Race for a thirty-fourth season.