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Ryan Ferguson and Dusty Harris are one of the 11 teams competing in The Amazing Race on CBS. The season is unlike any other installment that came before it, thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Amazing Race Season 33 began filming in February 2020, and COVID-19 forced them to shut down production for 19 months. And Ryan revealed how he spent his time during the shutdown.

'The Amazing Race' Season 33 stars Dusty Harris and Ryan Ferguson compete during a leg. Dusty wears a gray shirt, gray gloves, and a backwards gray baseball hat. Ryan wears a gray and purple pullover and a backwards dark blue hat.
Dusty Harris and Ryan Ferguson | Photo: Courtesy of CBS

Ryan Ferguson and Dusty Harris have made it to the final 4 in ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33

Ryan Ferguson and Dusty Harris have proven to be fierce competitors in The Amazing Race. The team has consistently finished in the top three in every single leg they have competed in so far.

Before the shutdown, they finished in second, first, and then second again in the first three legs. Then, after the teams returned 19 months later, Ryan and Dusty came in first place two times and in third place three times.

Now, they have made it to the final four, so they will want to pick up some momentum if they’re going to make it into the finale. In the new episode tonight, Feb. 23, Ryan and Dusty will compete for a spot in the finale in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Ryan details what the production shutdown was like for him

During an interview with CBS News, Ryan Ferguson discussed the production shutdown of The Amazing Race Season 33.

“I thought, ‘OK, this will be over in a month,'” he revealed. “Little did we know that a month later, two months later, the whole world would be shut down. We were surprised that it stopped for 19 months.”

Once Ryan, Dusty, and the other six teams returned to the race, Ryan told host and producer Phil Keoghan, “I’m used to being locked down. I just transitioned straight back into the prison life.” As some fans know, Ryan was wrongfully convicted of murder when he was a teenager. He spent 10 years in prison before they declared him innocent.

As for what he did during the shutdown, Ryan shared that he worked out and obtained his pilot license. “I just had to take advantage of the opportunity to do something positive for my life,” he said. “That helped when I came back on the race.”

Hopefully, for Ryan and Dusty, Ryan’s new outlook on life helped them secure the win in The Amazing Race Season 33.


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Ryan didn’t believe the casting director for ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33 when they called him

While speaking with CBS News, Ryan Ferguson shared what it was like to get the call to be on The Amazing Race Season 33.

“I thought it was a joke,” he shared. “I was like, ‘I’m not really going to be able to get on this race, right?’ I Googled him, and he was actually real, and I was like, ‘OK, yeah, I’ll check it out and talk to him.'”

It’s good that Ryan did his research when the casting director contacted him. Otherwise, fans might not be watching him and Dusty compete for the grand prize on the CBS reality competition series.

The Amazing Race Season 33 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.