‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33: Taylor and Isaiah Green-Jones Received Devastating News That Kept Them From Returning

CBS’ The Amazing Race Season 33 is back after a pause in production due to coronavirus (COVID-19). The iconic race around the world picked back up and brought back the teams who were still running the race. But a few teams couldn’t make it back to compete. Taylor and Isaiah Green-Jones, the couple known for their incredible wedding dance video, didn’t return. And they explained they couldn’t run the race due to a devastating family reason.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for The Amazing Race Season 33 Episode 5.]

Taylor and Isaiah Green-Jones joined ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33 cast

Taylor Green-Jones and Isaiah Green-Jones in 'The Amazing Race' Season 33 looking at a map in a car
Taylor Green-Jones and Isaiah Green-Jones | Screengrab/CBS

Taylor and Isaiah Green-Jones were one of the teams to join The Amazing Race Season 33 cast. According to the CBS website, they’re both YouTube sensations from Portland, Oregon. It was the couple’s flash mob at their wedding that put them on the map as viral sensations.

“We really surprised our wedding guests,” Taylor told KOIN 6 news regarding the flash-mob wedding. “Nobody had any idea we were doing that.”

As for competing in The Amazing Race, Taylor also noted he and Isaiah love watching competition reality shows. “That’s one of the very few ones that we can compete together as a team,” he added. He also noted he and Isaiah felt they’d be “great at it.”

“A million dollars, travel around the world … how could you say no?” Isaiah said.

The couple also noted it was a “long process” for them to get cast, and they went through multiple interviews prior to competing. But they brought their personalities to the forefront and joined the cast.

The couple didn’t rejoin the cast after the coronavirus shut down due to a death in the family

When The Amazing Race Season 33 picked up filming again after the pause in production due to the pandemic, a few teams didn’t come back to the race. Taylor and Isaiah Green-Jones took to Instagram to explain why they didn’t return. While the couple had every intention of coming back — and they even made it to the location — they received sad family news prior to beginning.

“We were slated to return to the restart of The Amazing Race,” Taylor explained in a video featured on The Amazing Race Instagram. “We actually flew out to be a part of the show. A day and a half into us arriving, a producer came to our room and told me they had my mom on the phone. … Upon talking to my mom I realized that my big brother passed from COVID.”

Taylor then noted it was a “shock” to hear the news, as he thought his brother was recovering. “My brother had COVID before I left to be on the show, but he seemed like he was doing a lot better,” he added. “So, he passed a day and a half into us being there. So, of course, we dropped everything and flew out to support my family, support my mom.”

Taylor and Isaiah Green-Jones noted they’re open to returning

Taylor Green-Jones, Isaiah Green-Jones, and Phil Keoghan drinking tea in a bus in 'The Amazing Race' Season 33
Taylor Green-Jones, Isaiah Green-Jones, and Phil Keoghan | Michele Crowe/CBS

While Taylor Green-Jones’ family tragedy kept him and Isaiah from competing on The Amazing Race Season 33, they’re open to returning to the show in the future.

“Thank you, CBS, for being so supportive,” Taylor said in the Instagram video. “Thank you to all of the teams. They were all so present in their support for us. We hope that we have the opportunity in the future to return.”

Taylor and Isaiah also added a text post to Instagram reiterating they’re open to coming back. “Hopefully, we can return to the race in the future and reclaim victory,” the post reads.

As for the rest of the teams, a clear frontrunner emerged in The Amazing Race Season 33 Episode 5. Ryan Ferguson and Dusty Harris came in first once again, and it seems like the best friends might keep up the pace.

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