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CBS will air the finale of The Amazing Race Season 33 tonight, March 2, and there are still four teams left in the competition. By considering each pair’s history in the race up to this point, we ranked their chances of taking home the million-dollar grand prize.

'The Amazing Race' Season 33 contestants Ryan Ferguson and Dusty Harris sit side by side for a confessional. Ryan wears a black tank top, gray shorts, and a dark blue baseball hat backwards. Dusty wears a gray shirt, black shorts, and a gray baseball hat backwards.
Ryan Ferguson and Dusty Harris | Photo: Courtesy of CBS

4. Arun and Natalia Kumar are least likely to win ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33

Unfortunately, we don’t see Arun and Natalia Kumar walking away with the win. But if they somehow pull it off, it will be an underdog story for the ages.

The father and daughter duo came in last place in three different legs. Due to four teams being unable to return to The Amazing Race Season 33 following the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic shutdown, production brought Arun and Natalia back after being eliminated in the third episode. They later came in last place during the fifth and seventh legs but were saved because they were non-elimination rounds.

Arun and Natalia have suffered significantly from poor navigation skills, and they have never won a leg. So it’s unlikely that they will win The Amazing Race Season 33.

3. Ryan Ferguson and Dusty Harris

Ryan Ferguson and Dusty Harris started very strong in The Amazing Race Season 33. And even after they returned following the shutdown, they finished in first in two back-to-back legs. Ryan and Dusty were the clear frontrunners during the first half of the season.

However, the best friends struggled to make cheese in the sixth leg, and they dropped to third place. And ever since then, Ryan and Dusty have had problems. Their boat capsized during a Detour, and Dusty likely has nightmares about turning over stones.

The team finished in last place in the ninth leg. However, host Phil Keoghan informed them it was a non-elimination round. So they have a second chance to climb their way back to the top. And there’s no doubt that they could win The Amazing Race Season 33. But given their recent struggles, other teams are more likely to pull off the win.

2. Raquel Moore and Cayla Platt

Raquel Moore and Cayla Platt want to be the fourth all-female team to win The Amazing Race in its 33 seasons. And they can do it.

The flight attendants stuck to the middle of the pack during the race’s first half. However, toward the end, Raquel and Cayla have kicked into high gear, and they finished in second place in the sixth, seventh, and eighth legs. Then, in the ninth leg, the women pulled off the win. If any team has momentum going into the finale, it’s Raquel and Cayla.

The duo has excellent communication, and fans rarely see them get into disagreements. It won’t be surprising if Raquel and Cayla finish in first place in the final leg.


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1. Kim and Penn Holderness have the best chances of winning ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33

Of all the final four in The Amazing Race Season 33, Kim and Penn Holderness are the most likely to win it all. Since the premiere, they have remained consistent, and they have the most first-place finishes. The married couple works together well, and they undoubtedly have what it takes to take home the million-dollar grand prize.

While speaking with The A.V. Club, Kim and Penn, who previously wrote a book about marriage, discussed their secrets to success during the race. Penn said, “I mean, writing the book helped. We discovered a lot about each other. We got so much advice from people that we put into the book. And I think the piece of advice that might be the most apropos to the Race is: You know exactly how to hurt your loved one. You do. Just don’t do it.”

He continued, “And because we wrote a book on this, we really had to get to know it, and we had to go to counseling to make it out of the book. That may have been the best preparation that we did. I know we ran up a bunch of stairs, but I’ll say so far in the show, from what you’ve seen, we have not fought that much.”

Kim added, “I would say definitely climbing stairs with a backpack on and marriage counseling was the best training for The Amazing Race.

The two-hour finale of The Amazing Race Season 33 airs Wednesday, March 2, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.