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The Amazing Race Season 34 won’t feature any non-elimination legs, making the competition more intense than it has ever been before. If a team finishes last, they are eliminated from the show. So given this knowledge and the dynamics between the duos, fans shared their predictions for the winner of The Amazing Race Season 34.

Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss, who might be the winner of 'The Amazing Race' Season 34 on CBS, sit next to each other while filming a confessional at night. Derek wears a purple shirt and gray shorts. Claire wears a green jacket over a black shirt and black pants.
Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss | Photo: CBS

Which teams remain in the running to be the winner of ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 34?

Twelve teams started The Amazing Race Season 34, and after three episodes, only 10 remain. Aastha Lal and Nine Duong were the first ones eliminated from the race in the premiere. Host Phil Keoghan tearfully said goodbye to Tim Mann and Rex Ryan in episode 2. And the third episode was a Megaleg, so it was split into two parts and will conclude in the fourth hour.

The 10 surviving teams are:

  • Abby Garrett (24) and Will Freeman (25), childhood sweethearts from Birmingham, AL
  • Aubrey Ares (29) and David Hernandez (29), ballroom dancers from Los Angeles, CA
  • Derek Xiao (24) and Claire Rehfuss (25), a reality romance from Los Angeles, CA
  • Emily Bushnell (36) and Molly Sinert (36), long-lost twins from Ardmore, PA, and Palm Beach Gardens, FL, respectively
  • Glenda (41) and Lumumba Roberts (41), newlyweds from Norcross, GA
  • Luis Colon (34) and Michelle Burgos (34), a married couple from Miami, FL
  • Linton (50) and Sharik Atkinson (23), father and daughter from Brooklyn, NY
  • Marcus (38) and Michael Craig (30), military brothers from Richmond Hill, GA, and Alamogordo, NM, respectively
  • Quinton Peron (29) and Mattie Lynch (27), former Los Angeles Rams cheerleaders from Pasadena, CA, and Vista, CA, respectively
  • Rich Kuo (32) and Dom Jones (35), motivational speakers from Huntington Beach, CA

Fans share their predictions

Following episode 2, The Amazing Race Season 34 fans discussed who they think will be the winner on Reddit.

One Reddit user wrote, “Derek and Claire [will be the winners]. The fact they went from 10th to 4th proves their chemistry together.”

“I think Derek and Claire are one of the strongest teams this season,” a fan commented. “They have great chemistry. Navigation doesn’t seem to be an issue. They’ve shown resilience in being able to bounce back from being near last without panicking. And I think an underrated X factor for them is that they’ve done reality TV, so they know how to handle the grind and the stress already.”

Another Reddit user shared, “For some reason, Luis and Michelle. Their placements haven’t been too impressive, but they just give me the vibe of the type of team that typically wins this show.”

And one fan said, “You can never tell for sure this early, but I think Marcus and Michael have an excellent case right now. They’ve gotten a good multifaceted edit in both episodes and have the right strengths to succeed.”

The consensus seems to be that Derek and Claire will be the winners of The Amazing Race Season 34. But there are other strong contenders in the race.


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Which team do we think will be the winner of ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 34?

Although it might seem like we’re piggybacking off the fans’ theories, we think that Derek and Claire are serious threats to win The Amazing Race Season 34.

They finished in first place during the premiere. They had trouble in episode 2 but bounced back with a vengeance. And they have excellent communication and navigation skills. We wouldn’t be surprised if Derek and Claire’s talents secure them a spot in the finale.

However, as one fan pointed out on Reddit, “The non-elimination legs is the kicker. Anyone on any given day can have a bad taxi or a task they just can’t get (like the yodeling Roadblock) and be completely hosed.” If Derek and Claire run into any trouble in a future leg, they might be toast.

The Amazing Race Season 34 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.