‘The Amazing Race’ Season 34 Fans Are Worried About Phil Keoghan — ‘He Has Lower Energy Than Usual’

The Amazing Race fans are noticing changes in host Phil Keoghan and his demeanor in season 34. And they are sharing their concerns for the fan-favorite host on social media. However, it’s worth noting that there has been no news regarding Keoghan leaving the show. And he will appear in every episode until the finale.

Phil Keoghan, who hosts 'The Amazing Race' Season 34 on CBS, wears a blue floral print button-up long-sleeved shirt and beige hat.
Phil Keoghan | Photo: Kit Karzen/CBS

Phil Keoghan hosts ‘The Amazing Race’ on CBS

The Amazing Race premiered in 2001, and Phil Keoghan has been the host ever since. Over the course of the show’s 34 seasons, he has greeted hundreds of racers at the starting line, eliminated many at the pit stop, and crowned 34 winners.

Before The Amazing Race, Keoghan worked as a television personality in New Zealand. He and his wife later moved to the United States, where Keoghan auditioned to be the host of Survivor. But as fans know, that part ultimately went to Jeff Probst. However, CBS offered the hosting duties of The Amazing Race to Keoghan, and the rest is history.

In 2020, Keoghan co-created Tough as Nails with his wife, Louise. He hosts and executive produces the series on CBS.

Fans discuss the host’s mood and health

After watching the first two episodes of The Amazing Race Season 34, one fan jumped on Reddit to share their observations regarding Phil Keoghan.

“Phil seems a little different this season. Lower energy than usual, and at the mat, he’s much more serious. Anyone else notice this too?” they wrote. “It could be that he’s run his course, and it’s time to either wrap up the show or hand it to a different host. Or he’s not loving the post-COVID format. Or maybe I’m just reading it all wrong, and everything is great!”

They added, “PS: I also don’t get why he’s not consistent with the ‘You are team #X!’ this time around. He uses the ‘You are the Xth team to arrive,’ and he’s a bit blah when checking teams in.”

One fan theorized, “He’s quiet quitting,” while another commented, “Hopefully, he’s not sick!”

However, a Reddit user might have an explanation for why Keoghan seemed to have “low energy” during episode 2. They said, “I was thinking the same thing with him checking teams in at Hofburg, but my guess — along with teams being required to walk in the building — is that he specifically kept their mat greeting low-key so that they weren’t yelling and screaming in an actively-operating museum.”

Whatever the case may be, fans are worried about the host. And hopefully, the next few episodes will ease their concerns.

Phil Keoghan reminisces on the accomplishments of ‘The Amazing Race’

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly before the premiere of The Amazing Race Season 34, Phil Keoghan discussed the achievement of reaching 400 legs.

“I was starting to think about the amount of my life that I’ve spent overseas working on The Amazing Race, and just with the pit stops alone, more than a year of my life has been at some of the most magical places on the planet,” the host shared. “And so if you’d said that to me, I would have thought you were crazy.”

Keoghan continued, “Because that season 1, we didn’t really know what we were getting into. It was kind of a mystery. And I can’t quite believe that we’re this deep into it. And, in a way, it doesn’t sound like a lot when you say 400. In other ways, it’s monumental. It’s like, ‘What? How did we do that?'”

The Amazing Race Season 34 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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