‘The Amazing Race’: Some Fans Think This Winning Team Absolutely Didn’t Deserve the Grand Prize

The Amazing Race presents an amazing opportunity to its competitors. Teams get to compete in a race around the world that’s rich with new experiences, new cultures, and plenty of stress. And at the end of the show, there’s a $1 million grand prize waiting for the winning team.

Back in 2017, strangers-turned-teammates Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary competed on the show. But they caused a lot of chaos on their season, as they were cutthroat with some of their advantages and upset other teams. Some fans were majorly upset they won as well. Here’s why.

Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary won season 29 of ‘The Amazing Race’

Camhi and Flanary didn’t get along during many of their stressful travels, but they still managed to make it to the end. Back in 2017, they spoke with CBS about what it was like winning the show, especially since they came back from behind.

Camhi noted that while the beginning of the race had a lot of physical tasks, she and Flanary were able to pull through thanks to their artistic talents and “smarts” between them. But the CBS anchor then mentioned that Camhi and Flanary were known as “team drama,” and they didn’t seem too pleased with the nickname.

“We’re both type-A personalities, both super fans of the show,” Flanary noted. “We really wanted to play the game, which I know a lot of Amazing Race fans aren’t a fan of. But we wanted to break the mold of The Amazing Race. … Even though we were at each other it’s because we were trying to get to the same result, which is winning. And we did it.”

Camhi admitted she didn’t always act appropriately during the season

Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary on 'The Amazing Race'
Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary on ‘The Amazing Race’ | Trae Patton/CBS via Getty Images

Camhi and Flanary are happy they won, but Camhi admitted watching the season was extremely difficult. There were a few moments in the season where tensions rose between the teammates, and it resulted in explosive arguments.

“Of course it was difficult to watch,” Camhi told Reality TV World. “You never want to see yourself acting badly towards anyone. Most of the race I was hard on myself, but that leg we went at each other and it made me grimace.”

Camhi then noted that her “friends and family” know exactly who she is, so she wasn’t overly concerned with how the public viewed her. “Fortunately, Scott and I had a unique ability to talk it all out when the leg was over and put it behind us in pursuit of our common goal,” she added. “And now we are very close friends and will be for a long time.”

Some fans think Camhi and Flanary didn’t deserve their big win

Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary winning 'The Amazing Race'
Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary winning ‘The Amazing Race’ | Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images

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While Camhi and Flanary took home the grand prize, fans are unimpressed.

“I hated Brooke,” one Amazing Race fan commented on the CBS interview clip. “All she did was whine about how she couldn’t do the roadblocks. She didn’t deserve to win.”

“They are the worst examples of sportsmanship I have ever seen,” another added. “Shame they won.”

“This Brooke is so negative, rude and unbearable that made very uncomfortable watching the show,” yet another added.

While Camhi and Flanary have become good friends after all is said and done, there’s no doubt they’re likely cringing over everything that went down on the season. And fans are unlikely to forget the negative attitude.

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