The Annoying MCU Detail Many Fans Missed, and Now Can’t Unsee

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given fans dozens of superhero movies to keep them glued to their screens. Every moment in the MCU is always so wholesome. Some moments go by really quickly that even the keenest of fans fail to see.

Some fans, however, happen to notice some Easter eggs sometimes, and once you see them, there is no going back. A few Reddit users found a small detail in the films that has fans freaking out. Read on to find out where Sokovia is and why it is geographically inaccurate.

What is the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a media franchise and a universe that focuses mainly on superhero films. The characters in every movie are based on Marvel comics. Much like in the comic books, the movie’s storylines usually intertwine, and the franchise’s latest work shows how each superhero story culminated in one major event.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is divided into 4 phases. The 2008 film the Iron Man introduced fans to phase one of the MCU. Iron Man led to the crossover in the 2012 film, The Avengers. In 2013, Iron Man 3 began the second phase of the franchise, which ended in 2015 with Ant-Man.

Phase 3 began in 2016 with Captain America: Civil War, which gives fans a glimpse of the first avenger. The third phase ended in 2019 with Spider-Man: Far From Home. All three stages are known as Infinity Saga.

Phase 4 is set to begin in 2021 with the much-anticipated film, Black Widow. The phase will conclude in 2022 with Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Where is Sokovia?

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Sokovia is a fictional country in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also HYDRA’s base of operations. HYDRA uses Sokovia to advance its agenda, operating under the disguise of being SHIELD agents. HYDRA agents use the underground base to perform experiments on Loki’s scepter.

One of HYDRA’s agents obtained the scepter after Loki used it in the battle of New York. HYDRA’s experiments were not as fruitful as they had hoped and instead decided to test them on human subjects. Among the chosen test subjects were Wanda and Pietro Maximoff.

The Maximoff twins were offered the necessary ‘tools’ to fight the government and told that they would have power like the Avengers. When the Avengers invade HYDRA’s base of operations in Sokovia, they free the people used as test subjects by the organization.

In the storyline, Sokovia is an unstable country, thus the protests against the reigning government. Sokovia is mentioned numerously throughout the Marvel Universe, especially in the series Agents of SHIELD.

Why fans are freaking out about Sokovia

Remember those Easter eggs we mentioned earlier? Sokovia is one of them. Although Sokovia is a fictional country in the MCU, it is located between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Fans were stunned to learn that Marvel had inaccurately placed the country.

According to some Reddit users, the franchise writers didn’t do enough research before settling on the fictional country. Many fans were bothered by this revelation. Some fans came up with notable reasons to support their theory as to why they feel Sokovia is historically and geographically inaccurate.

Some of the arguments put across include the language used by Sokovia in the MCU. The theory implies that Sokovians use the Cyrillic script while the accurate Slavic countries around Sokovia use Latin. Another fan suggested that since the writers placed Sokovia around Slavic countries, it shouldn’t be as poor as they depicted it since the nations around it do well for themselves.

Some fans came up with possible locations that would have best suited Sokovia and the MCU storyline. However, others noted that if the showrunners had placed it in any of the suggested areas, the locals in those areas would still try to find fault.