‘The Bachelor’: A Contestant From Peter Weber’s Season Took an Entire Year Off From Dating After He Dumped Her

It seems like ages have passed since Peter Weber’s disastrous Bachelor season. While Weber is happily with contestant Kelley Flanagan now, he misled a number of ladies along the way. And Kelsey Weier thought she had a fighting chance at Weber’s heart, but to no avail.

Now, Weier is talking about her dating life post-Bachelor. And she explained she took an entire year off from relationships afterward. Here’s why.

Peter Weber met Kelsey Weier’s family on ‘The Bachelor’

Weier and Weber had a great connection from the start, and they continued to build on that connection throughout the season. Weber also spoke to Nick Viall about his relationship with Weier, as it was different than his connection with the other leading ladies.

“With Kelsey, it was such a unique development of our relationship,” Weber told Viall on The Viall Files. “We hit on the emotional part right off the bat on that first date almost. … We kind of took off right from the bat and connected emotionally and very deep and in a weird way, I love that. That’s a huge reason of why I connect with her so quickly and so early on.”

Unfortunately, it seems Weier’s feelings for Weber were stronger than his feelings for her. Weier told Weber she was falling in love with him, and he couldn’t quite reciprocate. While Weber met Weier’s family during their hometown date, Weier’s mother also asked Weber not to break her daughter’s heart. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened shortly after hometowns.

Weier said she took a year off from dating

Kelsey Weier from 'The Bachelor,' Miss Iowa USA 2017, at Nashville Unplugged
Kelsey Weier from ‘The Bachelor,’ Miss Iowa USA 2017, at Nashville Unplugged | Benjamin Askinas/WME IMG via Getty Images

It looks like Weier decided to take a step back from dating after The Bachelor. She told the Help! I Suck at Dating … podcast that she took a year off from getting into anything serious.

“My dating life has been nonexistent. I’ve gone on one date since the show ended,” Weier noted. She then explained that the date occurred just three weeks after she got back from the show, and she was still very caught up in the emotions she had for Weber. “I don’t think I was over everything,” she continued.

Weier then added that she received advice from a doctor that’s been really beneficial. “He had said my best advice to you would be to give yourself a year to not go on a date, to not talk to anyone,” she continued. “Just to figure out who you are, what you want, so those problems you had in your last relationship don’t transfer over.” Weier said she’s been taking that advice to the fullest extent and her year is almost up.

“I’m so happy that I did it,” she added.

Will she ever be ‘The Bachelorette’? It’s certainly not her intention

Kelsey Weier meets Peter Weber on 'The Bachelor'
Kelsey Weier meets Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor’ | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

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So, will fans ever see Weier as The Bachelorette? Prior to Clare Crawley getting the part, many suspected Weier might have a shot at the leading role. But it seems that was never her intention.

“Coming into this, that was never my intent or goal,” Weier explained to People. “It was always to see if this actually could work for me. And I thought it could with Peter, but I haven’t been asked and honestly up until I started to figure out my feelings towards Peter, it’s never something that I’ve even thought about.”

It seems Weier doesn’t regret her time on The Bachelor, either, despite the fact that it left her heartbroken in the end. “But all I can say is I learned a lot about myself and that’s a positive that came from it,” she added.

We’re sure we’ll hear more about Weier down the road. For now, we’re happy she’s enjoying the single life!

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