‘The Bachelor’: A Contestant on Peter Weber’s Season Says She Didn’t Find Anything ‘Bad’ About Alayah Benavidez

[Spoiler Alert: The end of Season 24, Episode 3 is revealed.]

While Hannah Brown’s brief return seemed to be the biggest twist to start off Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, it appears the drama is just getting started. With every season of the show, the majority of the contestants are looking for love. But there are certainly some game players who are only out for fame, fortune, and notoriety after the show ends — and that’s exactly what Weber fears.

Now, Weber is getting to know the women on his season quite well. And contestant Sydney Hightower appeared to have it out for pageant queen Alayah Benavidez, as she told Weber that Benavidez appeared quite fake.

While many agreed with Hightower’s assessment, it seems one of the contestants is coming to Benavidez’s defense. Here’s what’s going on.

Peter Weber chose to send Alayah Benavidez home

Alayah Benavidez on Peter Weber's season of 'The Bachelor'
Alayah Benavidez on Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

It’s not easy being the star of The Bachelor, and Weber’s had to make some tough decisions since the start of the season. Now, his situation is even tougher after Hightower came forward with accusations against Benavidez.

Once Hightower told Weber that she believed Benavidez was putting it on a little too much for the cameras, Weber did some investigating of his own by asking the other contestants what they thought. While many of the other women admitted that they also thought Benavidez wasn’t being totally genuine, it was Victoria Paul’s comment that put the nail in the coffin.

According to Paul, Benavidez asked her to not tell producers they knew each other prior to coming on to the show. This ultimately led Weber to give Benavidez the boot during the rose ceremony.

“It just sucks I’m going out because of other people’s opinions and not what he saw directly from me,” Reality TV World notes Benavidez said. “That’s the hardest part.”

A fellow contestant said she didn’t have anything bad to say about Benavidez

During Episode 3, it seemed like everyone Weber spoke to had something negative to say about Benavidez. But one contestant who was also eliminated during the same night as Benavidez told People TV’s Reality Check that she didn’t have any issues with the pageant girl’s behavior whatsoever.

Jasmine Nguyen told the publication that she really loved how Benavidez would give her makeup tips on the show. “I love the way she did makeup. She did a makeup tutorial for us, actually, to kind of teach us because I knew nothing about makeup,” Nguyen said.

Not only that, but when People TV asked Nguyen to reveal something she didn’t like about Benavidez, she replied with, “I don’t have anything. I truly don’t. … When I say Alayah has been nothing but kind to me, she has and there’s nothing about her personality, there’s nothing about even the way she speaks that I find bad.” Nguyen then verified that Benavidez wasn’t even that close with her personally.

Fans are flocking to Benavidez’s defense on Instagram

It looks like Nguyen isn’t the only one who’s supportive of Benavidez. The pageant queen added an Instagram post of herself on Jan. 21 with the caption, “Hey mom, I’m doing just fine.” And her followers flocked to the comments to tell her how much they adore her.

“I won’t bad mouth the other girls because that won’t solve anything, but I am so proud of you for not letting the negativity stop you from being you,” one follower commented. “I don’t think there’s any reason to believe the accusations of people who think happiness and positivity are seen as fake traits.”

Another added, “You are my FAVE. Hope you march back there and take what you deserve.”

Yet another wrote, “Stay strong girl! The other girls in the house are the ones who don’t seem genuine because they try to ruin other girls relations with Peter rather than focusing on their own.”

Given what we saw from the preview for Episode 4, we know Benavidez does return. But is she here to stay? We’ll stay tuned to find out.

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