‘The Bachelor’: Alayah Benavidez Clapped Back at an Instagram Follower Who Said They ‘Never Hated a Human So Much’

There’s no shortage of drama on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. From Hannah Brown’s grand entrance back into Weber’s life to the debacle over champagne, the season started with a bang. And we’re looking forward to seeing who Weber feels he has the strongest connections with as it all progresses.

So far, it’s hard to tell who Weber is feeling the most — and that’s because most of his conversations with the ladies revolve around the chaos going on in the house. Alayah Benavidez and Weber established a strong connection early on, but after other women came forward and told Weber Benavidez was fake, he let her go. Now, she’s back — and she’s clapping back at an Instagram follower who expressed sheer hatred toward her.

Peter Weber eliminated Alayah Benavidez after drama ensued

Weber saw everything between Brown and Jed Wyatt go down, and it’s giving him pause about some of the women on his season. We know Wyatt went on The Bachelorette for fame and exposure. And it seems some of the women think Benavidez is up to no good, too.

The pageant queen’s authenticity was first brought into question by contestant Sydney Hightower. Hightower told Weber that she believes Benavidez puts on a different personality for the cameras, and she publicly called out Benavidez when Weber asked her too. Not only that, but Victoria Paul’s comments about Benavidez also spoke against the beauty queen’s character. Paul noted Benavidez asked her to keep quiet to producers about knowing each other prior to the show.

This seemed to be the nail in the coffin for Benavidez, as Weber sent her packing. But Weber expressed regret after the fact, as he noted he took the advice of the other women instead of following his own heart.

Benavidez came back — and the women aren’t happy

Alayah Benavidez and Mykenna Dorn on 'The Bachelor'
Alayah Benavidez and Mykenna Dorn on ‘The Bachelor’ | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Benavidez wanted to set the record straight about who she was and why she was on the show — and it seems producers allowed her to do so. She returned after a group date occurred during Episode 4.

“There were just a few things that I wanted to talk to you about before I was OK being home,” Entertainment Weekly reminds us she told Weber. “I’m here to freaking set the record straight about what was said about me.”

From here, Paul’s comments are called into question. While she maintains she told Weber “her truth,” Savannah Mullins claimed Paul might not be telling Weber everything. In fact, Mullins alludes that Paul may not be as saintly as Weber may have originally thought.

In the end, Benavidez gets the group date rose that was supposed to be reserved for one of the women who vied for Weber’s affection that day. And it caused outrage and frustration amongst all the ladies.

Benavidez isn’t standing for Instagram hate

Benavidez certainly has fans, but the questioning of her authenticity followed by her grand return isn’t going over well with everyone. One follower took to her Instagram to spread the hate.

“I have never hated a human so much,” a follower commented on a photo of Benavidez.

To that, Benavidez answered back, “that’s unfortunate, didn’t even give me the chance to say hi.” And she then added an emoji waving hand along with, “Hiiiiiii.”

Benavidez told another follower she isn’t scared of the online bullies, too. When the follower accused her of deleting mean comments off of her ‘gram, she wrote back, “haven’t deleted anything – feel free, say what you’d like.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Benavidez stays in the Bachelor house for long. Either way, it’s clear she’s unafraid to speak her truth and fight for her spot on the show (even if it means more online hate).

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