‘The Bachelor’: A Breakdown of the Packing List Production Mentions in Their Offer Letter for Bachelorettes

“Congratulations! You have been selected to be part of ABC‘s prime-time series The Bachelor. We are very excited about your participation and look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles.” This is how the offer letter from The Bachelor starts, or how they started in 2017. Find out what else the offer letter contains, including the packing list of items the 20-some bachelorettes have to bring on their journey to find love. 

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Bachelorettes on ‘The Bachelor’ must pack for 5 days and up to 9 weeks 

Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette is in full swing. One fan felt there was no better time to share their copy of the “offer letter” producers send to contestants.

“A girl I know was asked to be on The Bachelor a few years ago,” the Reddit post reads. “She ended up being dropped before it was time to leave. Just thought it was interesting!”

The letter, dated Sept. 6, 2017, starts by congratulating the contestant. “You should be ready to be entertained in unforgettable places, live in a luxurious mansion, and embrace your most adventurous side,” producers write. 

The note asks Bachelor contestants to prepare to stay for a minimum of five days and a maximum of nine weeks. What they pack must fit in two checked suitcases, one carry-on item, and a garment bag. 

Preparing to be on ‘The Bachelor’ requires meticulous planning on what to pack

Contestants have to pack for various occasions, so there are a lot of items to consider. Producers outline what these bachelorettes should bring, including their cell phones, which is odd considering production takes them away upon their arrival (via Insider).

Here’s what else the bachelorettes’ packing list includes: 

  • Valid photo ID 
  • Evening gowns and cocktail dresses 
  • Dressy dinner clothing (one outfit including pants) 
  • Casual evening and day clothes 
  • Workout clothing for indoor and outdoor activities 
  • Comfortable attire for outdoors and travel 
  • Coats and jackets 
  • Clothing appropriate for any kind of weather, from rain to snow, sun, and wind 
  • Resort wear like shorts, bikinis, tank tops, sun hats, and several bathing suits
  • A variety of shoes (dressy, exercise, casual) 
  • One pair of sunglasses with the note: “sunglasses are not to be worn on camera, only off camera) 

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Bachelor producers also mention personal items to pack, like medications, sunscreen, makeup, skincare, and other related beauty products. Their final note on the packing list reads: “Anything you can’t live without.” 

The packing list for ‘The Bachelor’ also mentions things the bachelorettes should leave at home

The Bachelor producers leave no stone unturned in their offer letter, which also mentions the things the candidates shouldn’t bring with them. Here’s what the cast of The Bachelor has to leave behind when they join the show: 

  • Cameras 
  • Clothing that features a logo or label 
  • iPods and other music devices 
  • Computers and iPads 
  • Chunky necklaces (“they interfere with the sound”) 

The final thing producers mention in their offer letter is social media. “You MUST close all social networking accounts,” they write. “This is imperative. You will be able to reopen your account when the finale of the season you are on has finished airing.” 

The contestant’s families have to call producers while their loved ones are on ‘The Bachelor’

Despite allowing cell phones, the contestant’s families can’t reach their loved ones directly. Instead, they have to call one of two producers while filming takes place. Casting director Lacey Pemberton and Supervising Producer Louis Caric are listed as the contacts in the 2017 letter.