‘The Bachelor’: Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Were ‘Pretty Much Just Roommates’ Prior to Breakup, According to Insider

While many remember the trainwreck that was Peter Weber’s Bachelor season, it hasn’t always been that messy. And we’ll never forget when Colton Underwood chose Cassie Randolph on his season of the show. Randolph chose to leave the show and head home, but Underwood fought for her to stay. Eventually, she agreed — and the two seemed to make their relationship work for nearly two years.

Unfortunately, even the happiest-looking couples have more going on than meets the eye. Underwood and Randolph announced their breakup at the end of May 2020. And an insider close to the couple claimed they became more like “roommates” than lovers toward the end of their romance.

Colton Underwood headed to Colorado without Cassie Randolph

Fans have long wondered if Underwood and Randolph would last. While Underwood was clearly head-over-heels for Randolph, Randolph never seemed quite as invested. Even so, they seemed to be making things work — but fans had a feeling something was amiss when Underwood posted photos from his home state of Colorado while Randolph appeared to still be in California.

On May 27, one follower asked Underwood on an Instagram photo, “are you and cassie still together?”

Another commented, “They definitely broke up, before they were always posting things about or too each other…now nothing…I think that’s very telling.”

Yet another added. “I think Colton and Cassie called it quits.”

Randolph and Underwood both issued breakup statements

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Eagle-eyed fans who suspected something was amiss were right. On May 28, Underwood posted a black and white photo of him and Randolph talking about the end of their relationship.

“Its been a crazy few months to say the least, Cass and I have been doing a lot of self-reflecting,” he captioned the post. “Sometimes people are just meant to be friends – and that’s okay.”

Randolph created her own breakup post, too. She also explained that she and Underwood would still remain in each other’s lives as friends, but their romantic relationship was over.

“Colton and I have broken up, but have decided to remain a part of each others lives. With all that we have gone through, we have a special bond that will always be there,” she explained on Instagram. “I love Colton very much and have an enormous amount of respect for him. We have both learned and grown so much these past couple years, and will always have each others back. Always.”

A source says they were ‘just roommates’ before breaking up

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph arrive to the 2019 E! People's Choice Awards
Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph arrive to the 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards | Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

It looks like Randolph and Underwood are sincere in their hope to remain friends. There didn’t seem to be any huge blowup regarding the end of their relationship. Instead, the romance just fizzled out. And an insider told Us Weekly that the two have a “great friendship, but that’s what it was for most of their relationship.”

“It was really very hot and heavy,” the source added. “They just made good partners and really great friends. Friends around Colton and Cassie knew this was coming for a while, they were pretty much just roommates toward the end.”

Another source echoed the sentiments of the first. They said the breakup wasn’t an “easy decision,” but Randolph and Underwood both knew it was in their best interests to continue on a new path as friends. “It was not something they did lightly,” the additional source said. “They had a number of conversations about their future beforehand.”

We’re hoping Randolph and Underwood find happiness in their new quest toward friendship.

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