‘The Bachelor’: Demi Burnett Is ‘Terrified’ of Sydney Hightower From Peter Weber’s Season

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for The Bachelor Season 24 ahead.]

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor might be the most dramatic yet, and it’s certainly causing other famous folks from the show to watch what’s going down. While many of the women after Weber’s heart promise they’re there for love, many of the ladies don’t get along with each other. And Sydney Hightower’s feud with Alayah Benavidez got a ton of attention.

While Benavidez and Hightower certainly don’t trust each other, it looks like another star of the series is on Benavidez’s side. Demi Burnett from Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season made a guest appearance on Weber’s season. And she formulated her own opinions on Hightower based on what she saw. Here’s what she said.

Sydney Hightower started drama by calling out Alayah Benavidez

From stolen bottles of champagne to some women stealing Weber away from the other ladies a little too often, there’s been tension in the Bachelor mansion since the very start of Season 24. And Hightower’s drama with Benavidez was quite over the top. Hightower was the first woman of the house to approach Weber about Benavidez’s fake behavior, and it started an avalanche of events from there.

“Alayah is manipulative. She’s fake because she thinks this is a game,” Hightower told the cameras. “He deserves someone that’s upfront, honest, and like, really, really, really open with him, and I just feel like that’s not her.”

After Hightower approached Weber with her thoughts and feelings, other women told Weber they also thought Benavidez was fake. This ultimately led to Benavidez’s elimination, though we know she came back in the following episode to “set the record straight” about her intentions.

Demi Burnett said Hightower was vicious during a group date

Demi Burnett hosting a group date on Peter Weber's 'Bachelor' season
Demi Burnett hosting a group date on Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ season | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Burnett and Weber established a friendship after Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette season. And she guest-starred as the leader of one of the group dates. While the group date was all about pillow fighting in a boxing ring, it went from fun and games to violent very quickly.

“Everyone was just really tense and ready to take down the other girl at whatever the cost was,” Burnett told the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. “There were times where people dropped the pillows and they were just attacking each other. It was really uncomfortable. I was really scared of one in particular.”

And she noted Hightower was one of the women who seemed most determined to take down her opponent no matter what.

“She had a straight face, she barely said a word to me,” Burnett said of Hightower. “I kept trying to talk to her, but she was just eyes on the prize. And the prize was taking down the girl.”

Burnett just said she’s scared of Hightower on Instagram

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Burnett loves giving her honest thoughts and feelings to her followers. And she took to her Instagram Story to watch Week 5 and let her fans know how she felt. While she remarked on Weber busting a glass on his head and the group date for a jungle photoshoot, it was her comments about Hightower that we can’t forget.

“Oh God, there’s Sydney, she scares me,” Burnett told her camera. “I feel like if I ever saw her, she’d kick my a**, man, I don’t like that feeling.”

This was followed by Burnett incredulously asking, “Sydney got a one-on-one?” after Weber asked Hightower to go on a date. “I’m shook. I’m terrified of her. She’s very mean. And I’m mean, but I can admit when I’m mean. She doesn’t do that. Please don’t kick my a**, Sydney.”

Overall, it seems Burnett doesn’t love this season. And she also doesn’t think any of the women are entirely all-in for Weber, either. We’re hoping she’s wrong and Weber finds the love of his life. We’ll have to wait and see.

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