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The Bachelor is popular for many reasons. For starters, the show provides juicy drama involving women or (men in the case of The Bachelorette franchise) competing for the love and affection of one candidate. The franchise has been around since 2002 and has only gotten popular over the years.

A major fan-favorite part of the show usually happens when the bachelor finally announces his pick out of all the contestants and gives his leading lady a ring that looks expensive. Fans have many questions about ‘The Bachelor’ engagement rings. How much does the rock usually cost, and are there any rules to it? What happens when the couple calls off the engagement. Find this out and more.

‘The Bachelor’ follows a single man looking for his soulmate

'The Bachelor' engagement rings are a big deal. This is Matt James handing out a rose.
MATT JAMES, BRI | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

The Bachelor revolves around a single man who begins his search for a wife with a pool of romantic interests. Throughout the season, the bachelor goes on dates with the candidates and travels to exotic places to get to know them. At the end of every week, the bachelor eliminates one participant culminating in a romantic marriage proposal to his final choice.

Although the description is a general guideline, The Bachelor doesn’t usually follow the designed structure, leading to drama and conflict. Sometimes an eliminated candidate returns to plead her case as to why she should be reinstated back to the competition. 

Other times a bachelor might end up giving fewer or more roses than initially planned. In some cases, the bachelor chooses to pursue a relationship with his final choice instead of proposing marriage to them. A good example that featured a twist was season six when the producers couldn’t decide between two potential bachelors

They, therefore, asked the 25 ladies participating in the season to choose which bachelor they thought would make the best husband. In other seasons, some bachelors decide not to go with their final selection, while others break off the engagement with their choice to marry other contestants.

Do the bachelors pay for the rings?

In almost every season finale, Neil Lane (The Bachelor ring guy) appears to help the bachelor choose an engagement ring for his bride-to-be. Neil Lane’s engagement rings are no stranger to the show. The show has had a long-standing contract with the designer where the bachelor agrees to use Lane’s rings in exchange for free promotion on the show.

Although viewers only get a glimpse of the selection process and see the bachelor settling on one type of ring, the designer claims the selection process takes more than six hours. Lane notes that he speaks to the contestants to determine what they are looking for and their partners’ tastes.

The designer brings at least six rings to the show and has the bachelor select their right fit by eliminating the rings they don’t like. The ring variations include: romantic, elegant, lavish, vintage, modern, and rustic to reflect the wearer’s personality. The designer states that although he helps the bachelor choose the right ring, ultimately, it’s the contestant’s decision. But, who buys the ring on The Bachelor?

How much do ‘The Bachelor’ rings cost, and how long do couples have to stay together to keep the ring?

Although the bachelors usually get the rings for free, it comes with a catch. The contract the participants sign with the show stipulates that if a couple breaks up before two years after the show’s final airing day, they have to return the ring.

Even after the rings are brought back, Neil Lane doesn’t sell them. The designer admitted that he doesn’t know where the rings go after they are returned. However, there is a way contestants get to keep their jewels, and that’s if they folk out the money for the rings.

Who has the most expensive ring from The Bachelor? It can vary based on season and if the ring gets resold. According to Cosmopolitan, season 2’s bachelor Harry Winston bought a ring worth $32,000 only for it to end up on eBay for much less. Wedding Wire reports that the engagement rings prices vary with each season. However, the site states that the rings typically cost anywhere between $45,000 to more than $150,000 with varying carat sizes.