‘The Bachelor’: Hannah Ann Sluss Thinks Peter Weber Is Still In Love With Hannah Brown as of January 2020

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor was a serious mess for all involved. We know Weber adored Madison Prewett, but Prewett chose to go home early after thinking their lives wouldn’t be compatible outside of the show. This led Weber to propose to his second choice, Hannah Ann Sluss. While Sluss was ready to give Weber her whole heart during the engagement and well into marriage, Weber seemed to waffle over his feelings for her. Sluss and Weber ultimately ended their engagement.

Sluss was certainly upset over the series of events that led to their breakup, but she stood her ground. And she mentioned on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that she thinks Weber might still be in love with Hannah Brown. Here’s what she said.

Hannah Ann Sluss said Peter Weber needed ‘closure’ with Hannah Brown

There were a number of red flags associated with Sluss and Weber’s engagement. Fans of the show saw Weber have major difficulty choosing the woman who was best for him. In the end, he gave in to the pressures of his family and chose Sluss, whom they loved. But shortly after he got down on one knee, we saw the aftermath play out on camera. And Sluss mentioned during the live finale that Weber suggested he still needed “closure” with Brown before moving forward with his engagement.

“So really, looking back at it, our engagement involved three women. Me. You still being in love with Madison and proposing to me. And you needing closure with Hannah Brown,” Sluss told Weber live. “That’s three women involved in our engagement I was completely blindsided to.”

Sluss also mentioned on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that she didn’t know about Brown and Weber having a serious talk early on in his season about her reentering the house.

Sluss thinks Weber was still in love with Brown

Peter Weber and Hannah Brown on 'The Bachelor'
Peter Weber and Hannah Brown on ‘The Bachelor’ | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Sluss was clearly not OK with Weber suggesting he needed closure with Brown. She told the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that Weber told her he needed a conversation with Brown to properly move forward, but Sluss felt uneasy.

“It shouldn’t have even been an argument at that point,” Sluss told the podcast in regards to Brown. “Like, the season’s going on. How about checking up on how I’m doing? How I’m feeling? And then you’re just having all these issues, you know, seeing Madison on your first date, seeing Hannah Brown and now you need to talk to her. It’s like … golly.”

Then, one of the women from the podcast asked Sluss if she believes part of Weber still loved Brown.

“Yeah,” Sluss verifies. “I think he had unresolved issues.” Sluss then added that she thinks Weber still loved Brown back in January during his engagement.

“Here I am, I don’t need to be contacting two exes about having closure,” Sluss said.

Brown is now spending more time with Tyler Cameron

So, now that Weber and Sluss broke up, where do Brown and Weber stand now? It seems they’re not hanging out together, as Weber just went through another breakup with Prewett. And Brown is busy hanging out with the runner-up of her Bachelorette season, Tyler Cameron.

Cameron and Brown were spotted together outside his hometown of Jupiter, Florida, TMZ reports. It seems Cameron was helping Brown get to the airport, as she later posted videos of her at the Palm Beach International Airport. As for the reasoning, we’re not sure. But we know Cameron’s mother recently died, and Brown was by his side through that as well.

Are Cameron and Brown working on their relationship? It’s possible — and only time will tell. As for Weber, we imagine he’ll be flying solo for awhile. And Sluss might also be ready to date again now that she’s single.

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