‘The Bachelor’: Mykenna Dorn Is Completely Aware She’s Dragged for Crying All the Time

No one could’ve expected Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor to be as dramatic as it is. So far, we’ve seen fights over champagne bottles, eliminated women returning, and exes present on dates. And we’re willing to bet this is just the beginning of what’s to come.

Fans have likely already chosen their favorites, but there seems to be one woman who’s majorly upset by how the house drama has affected her time with Weber — and that’s Mykenna Dorn. The 22-year-old is frequently seen crying on the show over Weber, and many Bachelor fans are dragging her for it.

It appears Dorn is self-aware, though. Here’s how she’s responded to the criticism.

The drama on ‘The Bachelor’ is getting to Mykenna Dorn

Mykenna Dorn on 'The Bachelor'
Mykenna Dorn on ‘The Bachelor’ | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

With so many women fighting for one man, there’s bound to be major drama between contestants. But Weber’s season seems to be overloaded with chaos thanks to choices made by the producers. And Hannah Brown’s entrance from the very first episode set it off.

We know Brown came back to share some of her feelings with Weber, and the contestants weren’t happy when Weber spent ample time away with Brown instead of with them. Even when Brown made her exit, that was just the beginning of what was to come. From there, Kelsey Weire and Hannah Ann Sluss duked it out over a champagne bottle. And Alayah Benavidez made her unlikely return after the women spoke to Weber about her manipulative and fake behavior.

Dorn hasn’t been at the center of any controversies so far. But the show has focused on her reactions. Dorn seems to grow frustrated each week, as the time she could’ve spent getting to know Weber is continually overshadowed by the drama.

Some fans of the show are making fun of her frequent outbursts

It seems Dorn’s crying spells are a hot topic of conversation. Some fans are taking to Twitter to slam her for her dramatic crying.

“It’s illegal for the Bachelor to show a promo without Mykenna sobbing in it #TheBachelor,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Mykenna needs to just leave and be in a horror movie or something,” yet another tweeted along with a photo of Dorn’s horrified expression.

And others are even taking to her Instagram to tell her they’re noticing all of her crying antics.

“Can we talk about why you’re always crying on this damn show,” one follower asked on Dorn’s post showing her attempting to catch a football during a group date.

On another post, a follower commented, “CEO of crying every second.”

Dorn seems completely aware that she’s dragged for her crying spells

Some Bachelor contestants may not love the edits they’re given by producers, but it seems Dorn is accepting her role as the one who’s always in tears. On Jan. 29, she added a video clip to her Instagram Story of herself while on The Bachelor with the caption, “Are you going to cry every episode?” And the clip shows her forcefully nodding during a rose ceremony.

She’s also unafraid to respond back to her Instagram critics. To the follower who commented on the football clip, Dorn clapped back, “also what wrong with showing emotion? It’s 2020, If I want to cry I’m gonna cry okay.”

And to the other follower who called her the “CEO of crying,” Dorn commented back, “cool comment,” with a thumbs-up emoji.

We’re hoping Dorn wipes those tears away and gets a one-on-one date with Weber in future episodes, as she seems there for his love instead of there for the painful drama. We’ll have to wait and see if Weber keeps her around long enough to get to know her.

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