‘The Bachelor’: Some Fans Say Madison and Luke P. Are Different, and It Boils Down to Respect

The Bachelor is boiling down to its final episodes, and for Fantasy Suites, Peter Weber’s pool of women has come down to Hannah Ann Sluss, Victoria Fuller, and Madison Prewett. However, while Weber’s dates with Fuller and Sluss went relatively well, his talk with Prewett at dinner was very emotional. She vowed to save sex until marriage and walked away from the table, overwhelmed to learn Weber was intimate with the other women. Some fans compared her to Luke P from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, but others say they’re completely different. Here’s why. 

Madison Prewett in the sixth episode of 'The Bachelor,' in Chile getting ready to perform a telenovela with Peter Weber.
Madison Prewett in the sixth episode of ‘The Bachelor,’ in Chile getting ready to perform a telenovela with Peter Weber | ABC/Francisco Roman

Madison Prewett had a lot of anxiety going into her Fantasy Suite with Weber because of her beliefs 

Prewett has been open with the camera about how much her faith means to her and how she took a vow to save herself until marriage. But she hasn’t been as forthcoming about that with Weber. At the beginning of this episode, Prewett finally pulled Weber aside and told him. She also touched on how she wasn’t comfortable knowing he might sleep with the other women. 

It threw things off for them, but it wasn’t until their dinner during her Fantasy Suite date that it took a turn for the worst. Weber shared that he had been intimate with other the two other women still competing for his heart and the date didn’t go so well after that. Prewett left the table and they didn’t really come to an agreement at the end. Weber told her he didn’t want to give up on them and that he didn’t want her to leave, but Prewett wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. 

Viewers pointed out a key difference between Luke P. and Madison was the way they delivered their side

If you remember from Brown’s season, Luke P. was one of her top choices, even though he wasn’t a big hit with the other men in the house. But things imploded for him when he told Brown that he would get up and leave if she had sex with other men in the house. There are comparisons that can be made, but some fans want to draw light to the major difference between Luke P. and Prewett. It comes down to delivery and respect. 

Brett S. Vergara, a popular Bachelor-watcher and former BuzzFeed employee, wrote on Twitter, “I know all this stuff is a bit murky, but for those comparing Madi to Luke P… remember HOW Luke P talked to Hannah #TheBachelor.” The video shows just how much Luke P. judged Brown’s past, making her seem less-than because of who she slept with. 

Another user wrote, “Luke P. wanted Hannah to feel guilty for her actions as if she owed it to him to stay ‘pure,’ Madison seems more to be coming from a place of self-awareness and knowing what she can and can’t look past in a relationship. That’s the major difference. #TheBachelor.” And another user pointed out that Prewett didn’t get upset at Weber for anything in the past (aka Brown and the windmill), but instead wanted a fair slate with the other women. “She is simply asking that if he sees himself proposing to her… She wouldn’t be okay with him sleeping with two other ppl days prior.”

And other viewers pointed out that Luke P. set out to make it about him and judge Hannah, whereas Madison didn’t 

On top of his poor delivery, Luke P. really made the situation about himself, when it truly was coming off mostly hypocritical. Luke P. wasn’t a virgin going into The Bachelorette. But because he had a newfound fervor for his faith, he took a vow of abstinence before marriage, from that point on. Many saw that as a defining distinction between Prewett and Luke P. 

Luke P was a sex addict who considered himself a ‘born again virgin’ and disrespected Hannah,” one user wrote. “Madison has saved herself her whole life because of her faith. They are not the same. #TheBachelor”


Another user pointed out how bad Luke P. tried to make Brown feel. He belittled her and came off like he thought her choices were bad and shameful. “Luke P made it about Hannah’s worth and that she was less,” they wrote. “Madison is making it about her and why it’s her choice and it matters to HER. That’s why she’s different than him. #TheBachelor.”

Whether you think Prewett’s ultimatum was fair or not, it’s pretty clear that this isn’t quite the case of Luke P. 2.0.