‘The Bachelor’ Women Either Really Hated or Really Loved Ohio

The Bachelor franchise is known for so many things. Drama, dating multiple women at once to find your “true” love, and red roses. But it’s also been known to take its contestants to different places across the world. Some are exotic and others are just for aesthetically romantic reasons. But for the women in Peter Weber’s season, Cleveland, Ohio is where the producers sent them first. And they gave a telling reaction to how they felt. 

Contestants on Peter Weber's season of 'The Bachelor' at a football stadium in Cleveland, Ohio.
Contestants on Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ at a football stadium in Cleveland, Ohio | ABC/Jason A LaVeris

No one was that excited to go to Cleveland, Ohio

At the start of the episode, host Chris Harrison came into the mansion and greeted the women with a surprise. He said that they were leaving and that Weber was already out of Los Angeles. He then dropped the huge surprise for them: they’d be heading to Cleveland, Ohio! As you can expect, their faces told everything. 

Not that Cleveland can’t be a cool place to travel to. But when Greece, Spain, and Scotland were just some of the places Hannah Brown’s season went to, the city in Ohio might seem like a letdown. Especially when Harrison led up to it by mentioning how this season would take them “around the world” and that this was a city of “art, culture, and rock ‘n roll.” 

And Twitter did not miss the disappointment in the women. 

Deandra was blunt and said romance and Cleveland aren’t the first two things you’d put together, and Savannah wondered if there were “hidden gems” in the city they didn’t know about. So off they went.

But then they couldn’t keep their mouths closed about how much they loved it

Regardless of how the women felt, Weber was beyond excited to be in Cleveland, even if he got a Superman fact wrong about the city. And interesting enough, the women loved it. Despite their initial disappointment, or just indifference, to Cleveland, Mykenna called the city “stunning,” and Deandra talked about the “tight-knit community” vibes it gave off. 

Whether it was the Midwestern charm or the penthouse views the women got that made them like the city is up in the air, but it seemed like a perfect spot for their first out-of-the-mansion trip.

Native Ohioans got annoyed that it wasn’t clear where Cedar Point was

There was one major oversight that got native Ohioans upset, though. At first, all the women went to Cleveland and got situated at the hotel. Then, Victoria F. received the first one-on-one date with Weber, which made her super nervous, since it was unclear if there’d be skydiving or not. But good news for her, it was a day at Cedar Point instead. 

And Ohio Twitter took it upon themselves to educated everyone where Cedar Point is actually located since The Bachelor didn’t. 

Again, just to be clear, Cedar Point is in Sandusky, Ohio, not Cleveland. 
This episode of The Bachelor certainly delivered on the drama, with Alayah coming back and the rest of the contestants not happy about it. But it also gave everyone a different look at Cleveland. The show is definitely full of surprises.