‘The Bachelorette’: 3 Ways to Tell the Lead Is Going to Choose the Wrong Person in the End

For years, fans have gathered around their tv screens on Monday nights to watch excessively beautiful people find love. While a new viewer of The Bachelorette might get caught up in the hopes that the lead will pick their top choice, seasoned viewers know how to tell when a season is about to go awry from pretty much night two. So, here’s how you spot a lead who is about to make a bad decision and save yourself heartbreak at the After the Final Rose.

Katie Thurston stands in front of a single rose in ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 17 finale in 2021
Katie Thurston in ‘The Bachelorette’ finale | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

The Bachelorette doesn’t listen to the house

Though the producers do a relatively good job at painting love stories between the lead and their frontrunners, leads really don’t spend much time with each contestant. Therefore, they don’t really know the person that is proposing to them at the end of the season. The men in the house spend almost 24 hours a day with one another. So obviously, they can see red flags much sooner than the lead can. It never fails that every season, the men in the house will gang up on at least one man and try to warn the lead. When the lead ignores the warnings, you can bet she is headed for heartbreak.

Take Hannah Brown for instance. The men on her season warned her about Luke Parker episode after episode, yet she kept him around because she believed in her connection. Eventually, Brown did send Parker home after he basically shamed her for sleeping with other contestants. Though Brown didn’t choose Parker in the end, she wasted so much of her time dealing with him that she failed to see that Jed Wyatt had been there to further his music career the whole time.

Someone is there who plays an instrument

For some reason, the women on The Bachelorette seem to be blind to the giant red flag that is a man with a guitar. The moment Wyatt busted out his guitar, Brown should have run for the door. But it’s not just Brown who has fallen victim to musical Lotharios. Every season, there is at least one man who writes a song for the Bachelorette or mentions music in some way. Those men, more often than not, turn out to be there for the wrong reasons. If a Bachelorette responds to said song with gratitude and claims that no one has ever done something so nice for her before, you can bet the season is about to go south.

Someone sends themself home before the Bachelorette can

Leads are used to having all of the power in their hands. However, sometimes the contestants take some of that power back. Throughout the seasons of The Bachelorette, several men have decided to send themselves home for one reason or another.

At the beginning of a season, this isn’t such a big deal, but if a man decides to send himself home close to the end, it can really throw the leads through a loop. While sometimes, it can force them to pick someone who is a better fit for them, like in Tayshia Adams’ case, it can also make the lead completely doubt their decision-making skills.

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