‘The Bachelorette’ Alum Bryan Abasolo Doesn’t Think He and Rachel Lindsay Would Have Been Compatible 10 Years Ago

Though The Bachelorette has seen more success stories than The Bachelor, many of the relationships don’t last too far past the season finale. One of the show’s rare success stories is bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and her season’s winner Bryan Abasolo. But while the couple has been happily together since the show aired, Abasolo recently admitted that they wouldn’t have worked out further in the past. He explained his belief to Bachelorette alum Mike Johnson.

Rachel Lindsay in a red sweater and Bryan Abasolo in a blue suit.
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo | Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay wed after ‘The Bachelorette’

After her run as a fan-favorite contestant on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, Lindsay became the lead of The Bachelorette Season 13. Abasolo, a chiropractor, received the first impression rose on the first night. Their relationship grew stronger throughout the season, which ended with their engagement. 

In 2019, the couple wed in Mexico. While they initially embraced a nontraditional marriage — she lived in Los Angeles, and he lived in Miami — Abasolo moved to LA in 2021. The couple is now settling in to married life on the same coast. 

He doesn’t know if they would have worked out in the past

Despite the continued strength of their relationship, Abasolo doesn’t know that the couple would have had the same happy ending in the past. He discussed whether he and Lindsay would have been compatible 10 years ago with Johnson on their Talking it Out podcast. 

“Rachel and I have had this conversation several times, like, we always bring it up in passing, but we both agree that we probably wouldn’t have been down for each other 10 plus years ago,” he said. 

According to Abasolo, the couple agrees they would have found each other attractive, but they wouldn’t have been ready for a relationship.

“Sometimes, you just haven’t hit that growth spurt,” he said. “You haven’t hit that maturity in your life where you’re able to take that next step with somebody. You know what I’m saying?”

He followed this up with some age-old dating advice: “Timing is everything…I was a single idiot just running around and, you know, just dating around, and I wasn’t ready to get married, right? So, I think 10 years is a long time. Would I have been attracted to her? Yes, but I just don’t know if it would have worked out just because of the maturity factor.”

Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay have discussed having children

Rachel Lindsay clinks glasses with Bryan Abasolo.
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo | Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for SugarHouse Casino

Luckily, the couple met when they did. Abasolo and Lindsay are now looking forward to moving on to the next stage of their lives. The couple confirmed that they want to have children at some point in the future. 

“We’ve definitely grown close together because we’re planning a future,” she told People. “We’re starting to have those conversations about where do we plant roots and having children and what’s the timeline for that.”

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