‘The Bachelorette’: Why Fans Think Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Secretly Broke Up

Clare Crawley completely shook up the way The Bachelorette is done. Normally, the leads weed out a few men week by week before giving out their final rose. Crawley didn’t even make it halfway through the season before deciding that Moss was the man she wanted to be with. But did she make a bad decision?

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss
Clare Crawley and Dale Moss | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley’s relationship

Immediately, things were different with Moss and Crawley. Right after she met him, she said that she thought he was her future husband.

“That was something that you can’t really anticipate with anybody, you don’t know,” she told Entertainment Tonight after the show aired. ”[But I didn’t know] like, was he feeling that? Are we on the same page?

“Usually in my experience, as relationships go, there’s always somebody that’s ahead of the other person,” she continued. “It’s really rare that you connect on that same page at the same time, so it was just — it was one of those magical things that I guess just happens.”

Luckily for Crawley, Moss did feel the same way about her.

“I think it goes without saying that I couldn’t be more excited to be here for each and every moment of this,” he told her. “For me, I can’t even remember how to find love, and when I saw your energy and your spirit, you really made me feel comfortable committing to that. And I’m committed to giving you everything I have — physically, emotionally. I trust you. I’m here for every bit of it. I don’t care who’s watching.”

Eventually, Crawley cut the season short and told Moss that she wanted to stop dating the other men and spend forever with him. He proposed and they ended the season together.

Have Clare Crawley and Dale Moss broke up?

When Moss and Crawley first went public with their relationship, they were all about posting one another on their social media pages but now some weird things have been happening.

According to Heavy, Instagram account @Bacheloring, claimed that Crawley and Moss recently deleted new pictures of one another. The page also claimed that Moss deleted the comment “I’ll never leave you,” that he wrote under a picture of Crawley holding her mother’s hand. In that photo, Crawley’s ring finger is hidden so it’s hard to tell if she is still wearing her engagement ring.

Moss also posted a cryptic message to his Instagram story, saying, “God’s plan is bigger than we can imagine.

“There are days when I too want to see the nail holes and hear his voice of quiet assurance,'” he quoted. “‘There are those days when I just seem to need a little more visible proof to go with the usual dose of faith.'”

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Fans were quick to jump to conclusions and wonder if Moss was talking about Crawley in his post.

Neither Crawley nor Moss has commented on any issues in their relationship. The last photo that Crawley posted of Moss was on Jan. 9th so it is unclear whether they are still together or if the cryptic messages were just a coincidence.