‘The Bachelorette’: Connor Brennan Divulges Entire Song From Group Date

Connor Brennan made an early impression on Katie Thurston in The Bachelorette. The math teacher dressed up in a cat costume, which reminded Katie of her cat back home. The contestant showed that he was more than someone who could play dress up when he wrote Katie a song on their first date.

Katie Thurston and Connor Brennan on 'The Bachelorette'
Katie Thurston and Connor Brennan on ‘The Bachelorette’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Connor Brennan took out his guitar to sing on the group date with Katie Thurston on ‘The Bachelorette’

For the first group date of the season, Katie asked her contestants to prove how they were the “greatest lover of all time.” The men tried to insinuate how they would all be the best lover to Katie, who’s famous for being “sex positive.” Some chose to show off their bodies. Others wrote poems. Connor, the cat man, wrote a song for Katie about why he is the greatest lover.

Fans, after watching Connor sing, wanted the full version. And the contestant delivered by sharing the full song on his social media accounts the day after the episode aired.

Connor Brennan shared his full song from ‘The Bachelorette’ group date in a social media video

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The contestant took to his TikTok and Instagram accounts to share the full version of his song that he wrote for Katie on the group date. Connor’s lyrics are as follows: “Katie I may not have the biggest hands you’ve ever seen. You might not find me in Playgirl magazine. My feet might not be perfect but I know my own self-worth. And the length of my affection’s less important than the girth.”

He continued: “I’m not the tallest guy you’ve ever picked up in a bar. But I’m comfy in an airplane or the backseat of your car. And Katie, oh my God, your smile sets off wedding bells. I’d love to see you wear it with little to nothing else.”

“The way you looked last night’s enough to make me want to scream,” Connor sang. “You came into my life like something straight out my wet dream. The greatest lover here? Well let’s not let the question linger. Remember, I play piano. I’m amazing with my –.”

He captioned the video on Instagram: “The GLOAT by unpopular demand — the full version of my song from the first group date. I’m sorry mom.”

Fans commented on his video expressing how much they loved Connor’s song.

Katie Thurston responded to seeing Connor Brennan’s song on her For You Page on TikTok

Katie herself ended up seeing Connor’s full song on her own TikTok feed. She posted a screenshot on her Instagram story of the video popping up.

“When your FYP is very spot on while browsing TikTok,” she commented.

So far, viewers don’t know how far Connor makes it on her season. But Connor and Katie shared a special moment on the second episode, with Katie revealing that Connor was one of the people who stood out to her the most on night one.