‘The Bachelorette’: Dale Moss Almost Lost Everything Before Turning His Life Around

Before appearing on the 16th season of The Bachelorette to win Clare Crawley’s heart, Dale Moss was a football player in the National Football League. He is also a model and aspiring media personality. To document his life as a model, Moss ran a YouTube channel. In one vlog, he detailed how he bounced back after almost losing everything in a business operation.

Dale Moss
Dale Moss | Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

How Dale Moss almost lost everything

In a YouTube video titled “How Losing Everything Put Me AHEAD | Dale Moss,” the model shared his inspiring story. The video shows Moss taking part in the Samsung Speaker series with Quincy Enunwa, Troy Brooks, Tony Vidal, and Trina Morris.

“When I first came to New York it was a little over three years ago, I was playing in the NFL, had an injury to my shoulder, but I was almost four years in and just bouncing around with teams,” said Moss. “And I had really no idea what I was gonna do.”

He continued, “You know, I didn’t sign a new contract. All the money I had was, you know, starting to dwindle. And I got a great business opportunity that really kind of opened some doors for me.”

Moss then revealed that this business venture ended up costing him nearly all of his money.

“But one of the things with that, I got it bad with a bad business partner and literally within a month, you know, I lost so much money in a deal that I was buried,” he said. “I had literally nothing to the point my family had to help me.”

He booked a gig with Nike

While Moss could have given up, he instead worked hard to build himself up again. For the Samsung Speaker series, Moss explained how one job opportunity helped him change his whole life.

“One of my only outs was I was signed with Wilhelmina at the time, one of the only pro athletes to be signed with them while still playing. And I got a call and my agent is like ‘Hey, Nike wants to book you for this campaign. We’d love to have you out in New York.’ I was freaking out because I was like between my rent, you know, and things with family I couldn’t even afford a plane ticket,” Moss said.

He was able to arrange his travel to start the campaign with Nike. While he filmed the fitness campaign for Nike during the day, he spent the night staying up at a diner at the John F. Kennedy International Airport as he did not know anyone in the city.

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Dale Moss believed in himself

The shoot only lasted for a few days, and then Moss had to decide what his next move would be.

“I had a choice to say, you know, I could use the money that I have for a hotel and, you know, make this situation a lot harder or I could just stack this for this next few days and I can use this to start building a new life and a career because I was at my lowest point,” said Moss.

In the end, he decided to bet on himself.

“At the end of the day, you just got to figure it out,” Moss told the audience. “Thankfully since then I mean even in three years, you know, I’ve been able to build a life and a career to the point, you know, having more success even than when I was playing in the NFL.”