‘The Bachelorette’: Can Demi Burnett Be Trusted? She Admits She Was Looking for Guys for Herself

On Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, things will be a little different. Former The Bachelor contestants Demi Burnett and Katie Morton have been enlisted to spy on the men in The Bachelorette mansion for Hannah. They’ve been called “Hannah’s Angels.” However, there might be a devil on Hannah’s surveillance team. Can Demi Burnett really be trusted to watch out for Hannah? Here’s why this setup might be a terrible idea.

Is Demi really here for Hannah?

Demi Burnett|John Wolfsohn/Getty Images
Demi Burnett|John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

Although Demi is supposed to be helping Hannah sort through the men to see who is right for her and who isn’t, it seems like she might have something else in mind. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Demi seemed focused on what she can get out of the experience. It’s possible one of her goals is to see which men she would like to keep for herself. “I mean, if I do go to [Bachelor in] Paradise, like, I definitely was scoping them out, and I was like, ‘Hannah, save that one for me!” Demi told Entertainment Tonight.

Demi might have her sights set on Bachelor in Paradise

Another reason Demi might be on The Bachelorette is so she can increase her chances of appearing on Bachelor in Paradise. The Bachelor alum spoke about how she would run the beach if she were chosen to be on the show. “We’re renaming it Demi-dise if I go. I’m going to run that beach. I gotta be the queen,” she joked with Entertainment Tonight. “You know me; it’s going to be really fun. I’m just going to have a lot of fun,” she added. The focus should be on Hannah right now, but Demi is already talking about her plans and the possibility of being on another reality show. This could spell all kinds of trouble down the road.

Was Demi Burnett the right person to help The Bachelorette‘s Hannah Brown?

Demi is back on the show so she can assist Hannah, but we wonder if she will create unnecessary drama. Demi’s motives seem murky right now, so Hannah might not be covered when it comes to having people watch out for her. If Demi finds a guy she really likes, will she try to make it seem as if he’s not really into Hannah? Will she look out for Hannah in the beginning to earn her trust, but later play games so she can steal a man away for herself? We hope we don’t see this season ending with major drama between Demi and Hannah.

Demi’s failed attempt with The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood

Demi Burnett| Greg Doherty/Getty Images
Demi Burnett| Greg Doherty/Getty Images

If you watched Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, then you know Demi was head over heels for Colton. She was determined to make him hers. Demi’s determination got her eliminated from the show, however. She visited Colton’s room so she could try to convince him to sleep with her, hoping to get an edge over the competition. Unfortunately, Colton was put off by her efforts, and told her to go home. Could Demi try to pull a fast one on The Bachelorette and attempt to lure one of the contestants into starting a relationship with her? We can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.

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