‘The Bachelorette’ Fans Talk About Sexual Harassment After the Men Play Strip Dodgeball

Some dates don’t go over well with Bachelor Nation. Fans were upset watching The Bachelorette because the men had to strip down. Find out what they had to say about sexual harassment, and how Yosef Aborady also showed he was upset by the date.

‘The Bachelorette’ had a group date of strip dodgeball

Clare Crawley and Garin Flowers on 'The Bachelorette'
Clare Crawley and Garin Flowers on ‘The Bachelorette’ | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

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The Oct. 20 episode showed multiple men going on a group date to play dodgeball. “I’ve been looking forward to this because I really do want a man who has some balls!” Crawley told them. “I want a man who will fight for me. A man that knows how to compete and that wants to win me over.”

At first it looked like it would be a normal dodgeball date. The men and Crawley played together indoors. But then they were split up into two teams. The red team and blue team play against each other. The winner would get more time with Crawley and the losers get to do the “walk of shame.”

Crawley later revealed they will be playing strip dodgeball. The game ends when the losing team has no more clothes.

The blue team lost the first round and had to take off their shirt. They also lost the second round and had to take off their socks. The blue team lost again so they took off their shorts, but the red team also took off their shirts.

Crawley also made comments about the men. “Look at Kenny [Braasch]’s a**. Take a good look it. How is he so tan?” the reality star asked Chris Harrison.

The blue team lost another round. Garin Flowers, who was on the losing team, decided to take things one step further.

“You said you wanted a man with some balls. Let’s go!” he then took off what looked like his jockstrap in front of everyone. It looks like another man did as well. But most men stayed in their jockstraps.

“I love you, but-” Brendan Morais told her in reference to taking off the rest of his clothes. She told him, “All good!”

Yosef Aborady was upset about the date

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The losing blue team had to walk back to their room in just their jockstraps. The rest of the men were shocked by this, but there was one contestant who was very upset.

“I know what I would have said if she asked me that. I would have said I liked you a lot more before you humiliated me,” Yosef said. “Like that’s ridiculous, man.”

Chasen Coscia asked if he would have stripped. “Hell no. Not in a million years,” Yosef answered. He said he had more respect for himself and his daughter.

The fans were upset by this

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Fans were torn over Yosef’s comments. But many of them didn’t like that the men were asked to play strip dodgeball.

“And the theme for group date #2 is sexual harassment,” one fan tweeted. Another fan tweeted a picture of Olivia Benson from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit with the caption, “all of bachelor nation watching these men be forced to strip on this group date.”

It looks like many fans felt bad for the cast for being asked to strip. Other fans also thought Harrison and Crawley might not have wanted to see the men actually get naked, but some decided to take their clothes off anyway. Some fans also mentioned this date wouldn’t have happened to women on The Bachelor.

There were some fans didn’t seem to take offense to the situation and joked about it. Every season there is usually an athletic group date. But some fans think this one went way too far.