‘The Bachelorette’: Hannah Brown Sees a Cute Stranger, Leaves Her Number on His Car

Hannah Brown came into the public eye when she competed on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. From there, she went on to star as the lead role in The Bachelorette. Even on Underwood’s season, it was clear that Hannah Beast was there for the right reasons. She really was looking for love and ready to get married to the right person.

It’s been over a year since Brown’s season of The Bachelorette ended. She’s currently single. But it seems she’s still putting herself out there in the hopes of connecting with someone special. This week, she left a note with her number on a strangers car after some flirtatious eye contact.

Hannah Brown in New York City
Hannah Brown | Raymond Hall/GC Images

Hannah Brown’s ‘Bachelor’ love life

After things didn’t work out with Underwood, Brown became the bachelorette. Bachelor Nation remembers (painfully) watching Brown fall for Jed Wyatt as it came out that he had a girlfriend waiting for him back home. They got engaged only to end their engagement when the former beauty pageant queen learned of Wyatt’s relationship.

During “After The Final Rose,” Brown asked her runner-up, Tyler Cameron, out for a drink, but he started dating supermodel Gigi Hadid shortly after the season ended. Brown and Cameron have had a sort of will-they-won’t-they friendship ever since. As of today, they’re just good pals.

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And then, of course, who could forget Brown’s stint on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor? The former lead came on to the show to lead a group date, but ended up having a revealing heart-to-heart with Weber where they discussed their unresolved feelings for each other. In the end, they went their separate ways and Weber carried on with his season.

Hannah Brown leaves her number on a stranger’s car

About a year later, Brown is single and doing her own thing.

Just this week, as she was walking down the street, she made eye contact with a cute stranger and decided to take matters into her own hands.

“Here’s what’s happening,” she shared with fans in her Instagram Stories. “Annie and I were walking and this beautiful specimen of a human walked by me, he was so cute. We kind of smiled at each other, and so I was nervous to say anything. But we think this is his car. But we’re not even sure. But I’m gonna leave him a note. And I said: ‘We smiled at each other on the sidewalk. I was wearing a pink dress. Call me sometime.’ But I’ve got to do it before he comes back.”

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On the video she wrote: “Maybe we will show our kids this someday. And our grandkids. Lol.”

A bit later, she updated her following: “OK, he was about to walk up when I was putting the note on there and fully freaked out and ran like a crazy person. And he’s reading the note. And I’m like… if you could see, I have pit stains. Sh*t I’m scared.”

On that video, she wrote: “He better call me” along with a cry-laughing emoji.

Fans are, of course, at the edge of their seats waiting for an update. So hopefully the former bachelorette will keep her following in the loop.