‘The Bachelorette’: How Long Does New Fan-Favorite Ivan Hall Last on the Show?

Thanks to the newest episode of The Bachelorette, Ivan Hall is a new fan-favorite. The seventh episode of Season 16 showed Ivan’s one-on-one date with Tayshia Adams, and the two sat down for a difficult conversation about police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. With fans of The Bachelorette now rooting for Ivan to win Adams’ heart at the end of the season, some might be wondering just how far Ivan makes it on the show.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 16 of The Bachelorette.]

Tayshia Adams Ivan Hall
Ivan Hall and Tayshia Adams | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Ivan Hall and Tayshia Adams hit it off on ‘The Bachelorette’

During their one-on-one date, Ivan and Adams had an emotional and deep discussion about growing up biracial and about racism. Adams is the second Black Bachelorette in the history of the show, and she is Black and Latina because she is also part Mexican on her mother’s side. Ivan himself is Black and Filipino.

Ivan shared that his brother was in prison for four years after having a baby, and Adams told him about her experience growing up biracial in an area where there were not a lot of other biracial children. Both Ivan and Adams broke down at different points in the conversation, and they shared their emotional trauma from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a white police officer.

At the end of the date, Adams gave Ivan a rose. Because the date came across as one of the most realistic dates in the history of The Bachelorette, fans immediately began seeing Ivan as one of the clear frontrunners.

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How long Ivan lasts on ‘The Bachelorette’

Reality Steve, a blogger who frequently covers shows in The Bachelor franchise, spoiled Adams’ portion of the season for those who wish to be spoiled. According to the blogger, Ivan is one of the final four contestants.

As fans of The Bachelorette know, the final four contestants represent hometowns. In this season, families of contestants had to travel to La Quinta Resort & Club because of the coronavirus. The four contestants who make it to hometowns are Ivan, Zac Clark, Brendan Morais, and Ben Smith.

How Tayshia Adams’ season of ‘The Bachelorette’ ends

Reality Steve also spoiled the finale of Adams’ season of The Bachelorette, though some things are still unclear. While Ivan is one of the final four contestants, Reality Steve does not know if Ivan is eliminated the week of hometown dates or the week after. This is because Brendan decides to self-eliminate at some point.

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“Brendan Morais leaves the show on his own,” Reality Steve wrote. “The one thing I don’t know is if Brendan leaving happened at final 4 or final 3. Seemingly you’d think that if his family didn’t show up for hometowns (all other 3 had family and/or friends show up at La Quinta to meet Tayshia), then she would’ve eliminated him at that point, leaving Ivan, Zac C., and Ben as your final 3. But I don’t know exactly when Brendan eliminated himself.”

Reality Steve reports that Ben and Zac C. are the final two contestants, and Adams ends up picking Zac C. While Ivan does not end up with Adams, fans of The Bachelorette would most likely be happy to see him on Bachelor in Paradise or leading The Bachelor one day.