‘The Bachelorette’: Joe Park Does Not Want to Be the Bachelor for This Reason

Bachelor Nation cannot get enough of Joe Park. While Tayshia Adams decided Joe was not the right man for her, fans of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor are hopeful that Joe could be named the Bachelor in 2022. However, Joe is not wild about the idea for one very important reason.

Joe Park | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

How Joe Park was cast in ‘The Bachelorette’

So far, Season 16 of The Bachelorette has been filled with drama. Clare Crawley left the show early after falling for contestant Dale Moss, and Adams was brought in to replace her. While Joe slowly became a fan-favorite, he was eliminated in the seventh episode of the season.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Joe explained how he was cast in The Bachelorette.

“It was the height of the pandemic and quarantine in New York City… and actually somebody from the show reached out to me. They said, ‘Would you be interested in going on a popular television dating show?'” Joe said.

He continued, “Honestly, I’d been in my apartment for the past few months, pretty much in my 400 square-foot cell, and going to work. If COVID has taught us anything, it would be seize the moment and just take advantage of opportunities given to you.”

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Why Joe does not want to be the next Bachelor

Matt James just completed filming for his season of The Bachelor, and his season will premiere in 2021. Because Joe is such a favorite among fans, Bachelor Nation is campaigning for him to become the first Asian Bachelor.

While Joe appreciates the sentiment, he does not want to be the next Bachelor because he does not want to still be single in 2022.

“The first thought when I saw that was like — I know Matt James is the Bachelor now, and I was like, man, I hope I’m not still single by 2022. I hope I’m in a committed relationship by then!” Joe told Entertainment Weekly. “I appreciate it, don’t get me wrong. It’s flattering. But it’s like, jeeze, I’m not getting any younger.”

He added, “And also, there are much better options out there. In earnest, the first night, I was the third-shortest guy there! Body-wise, I was the lightest of all the guys there. It’s flattering, but I hope I’m not single until then, if I’m honest with you.”

Would he appear on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

While it sounds like Joe is hoping he is not available to be the next Bachelor in 2022, he seems slightly more open to appearing on Bachelor in Paradise in that he would have to think it over.

“I would say the same thing. Though I didn’t unfortunately find love on this show, I realized that love is possible from this show. I think it’s something you have to evaluate when [the opportunity] happens. It’s hard to say now,” he said.

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Who Joe wants Tayshia to end up with on ‘The Bachelorette’

While Adams ended up not picking Joe, there are no hard feelings. In fact, there are a couple contestants left that Joe is rooting for.

“I mean, I fell in love with Brendan. They had a one-on-one and it seems like they had a great time. I think he’s definitely a top dog,” Joe told Entertainment Weekly. “Ivan is a great, great dude. Really smart, good heart… Honestly, those two guys, I pulled for them.”