‘The Bachelorette’: Fans Found More Proof There Will Not Be 3 Leads This Season

When it comes to this season of The Bachelorette, no one seems to know what is going on. While it appears certain that Tayshia Adams will be taking over for Clare Crawley this season, numerous Bachelor Nation alumni have been spotted filming.

This led some fans to believe Becca Kufrin and Hannah Ann Sluss were possibly cast as leads on The Bachelorette along with Tayshia Adams. However, fans have found enough evidence to prove that Kufrin and Sluss are not joining Tayshia Adams on the show.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains possible spoilers for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.]

Tayshia Adams
Tayshia Adams | Troy Harvey via Getty Images

Hannah Ann Sluss and Becca Kufrin were spotted filming for ‘The Bachelorette’

Shortly after rumors spread that Adams replaced Crawley on the show, Sluss and Kufrin were spotted at the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs where The Bachelorette is filming. Then on Aug. 5, a Twitter thread was published by a source allegedly close to the show.

In the thread, the Twitter user claimed that Kufrin and Sluss were brought in to star on the show as well, writing:

“2. Firstly, in what is widely known at this point, Clare has found love with former NFL player Dale and she has left the show. Her story will still be seen in the first episode this Fall. Producers last week were in a mad SCRAMBLE to save the season. They were NOT happy.

3. Enter Tayshia, fan favorite from Colton’s season. Producers were hoping she’d save their season and she stepped to the plate. She had been working on a new fashion business but decided to drop for the opportunity. CH apparently wooed her as he usually does.”

“5. This is where things get crazy: The morning after T’s cocktail party, producers weren’t happy with the storylines and connections developed the night before. Somehow the rush to save the season took some air out of the sails of T and the men and the energy was low.

6. This is when producers got on the phone with Hannah Ann Sluss (Peter’s winner) and decided to, for the first time in Bachelor history, create a PANEL of bachelorettes for the guys to choose from. (her suitcase was abnormally heavy!)

7. Becca Kufrin was also flown in two nights ago to the set and will serve as the third woman in what has become a Bachelorette Triumverate (she broke off her engagement recently). She seemed extremely excited/shocked when I talked to her this morning.”

Reality Steve denied the reports

After Kufrin and Sluss were spotted at the La Quinta Resort, Wells Adams was spotted as well. This led some to speculate that Bachelor in Paradise could be filming too. However, blogger Reality Steve shut down those rumors on Twitter.

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“(SPOILER) Can’t make this any clearer – BIP is not happening at filming. Tayshia is the ‘Bachelorette.’ All the other appearances by alumni are cameos being done bc of the weirdness of the season. Not a normal season, so they are doing non-normal things. It’s as simple as that,” he tweeted.

Fans have confirmation there will not be three leads on ‘The Bachelorette’

Based on social media activity, it seems Kufrin, Sluss, and Wells Adams are no longer at the La Quinta Resort. In a new Instagram story, Kufrin uploaded a video of her young niece, implying she is no longer filming for The Bachelorette. Wells Adams posted photos on Instagram with his fiancée Sarah Hyland, and Sluss has posted multiple times on her Instagram stories.

One Reddit user wrote, “Seems like the random people that showed up at the resort are back home… Becca posted a story with her niece, hard to say where she was but doesn’t her sister live in MN?”

While fans now know there are not going to be three Bachelorettes on the upcoming season, some fans never found the theory convincing in the first place.

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“I’m more surprised people thought that three bachelorette theory might have been true,” wrote a Reddit user.

Another Reddit user agreed, writing, “especially since Becca and Garrett havent announced their breakup yet, I was like ‘you seriously think that shes a bachelorette so soon after an engagement?'”