‘The Bachelorette’: Logan Palmer Leaves Season Early Due to Covid-19

The Bachelorette returned earlier this summer and brought fans a new batch of contestants trying their hand at love. Clayton Echard broke the hearts of Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey during his season of The Bachelor. Logan Palmer is one of the new men competing, but his indecisiveness has led to some questionable moments on the show. We recently learned that The Bachelorette star leaves early due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

[WARNING: This article contains detailed spoiler information regarding The Bachelorette contestant Logan Palmer.]

'The Bachelorette' contestant Logan caught COVID-19 and left the season early. Logan's seen here sitting on a bench outside.
‘The Bachelorette’ stars Logan Palmer. | ABC/Craig Sjodin

‘The Bachelorette’ contestant Logan Palmer switches from dating Rachel Recchia to Gabby Windey

Logan didn’t receive Gabby or Rachel’s First Impression Roses in the premiere episode of The Bachelorette. But, he was one of the few contestants who managed to get time alone with both women. Rachel confessed that she found Logan “very attractive.” Gabby called him “endearing.” On a group date, Logan snagged some more time with each of the women and managed to kiss them both. However, it was Rachel who gave him her Group Date Rose.

In the Aug. 1, 2022 episode, Logan and Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer sat down, and Jesse asked him what was on his mind. The Bachelorette contestant replied, “Any time I’m in a room with both Gabby and Rachel, I realize my feelings toward Gabby. At my first group date, we had a great connection, but then Rachel gave me a rose.”

In The Bachelorette Episode 5, Logan brought his concerns to Rachel. She explained that she wanted him to pursue the person he felt a more significant connection with, even if it was Gabby. Logan told Gabby about his feelings and admitted she felt something between them too. However, we knew Logan didn’t make it to Gabby’s Hometown Dates.

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Logan Palmer leaves ‘The Bachelorette’ early due to COVID-19

When Reality Steve revealed Gabby’s Hometown Dates, there was one contestant he couldn’t 100% confirm. He believed Justin Budfuloski traveled to meet Gabby’s parents, thanks to some “circumstantial evidence.” However, the women eliminated Justin on the first night.

With The Bachelorette star Logan still in the running by week five, some fans wondered why Reality Steve didn’t list Logan as one of Gabby’s final four men. In the Aug. 15 episode clip, audiences saw host Jesse Palmer tell Logan he had to leave the show. This only added more mystery to what Logan did to get eliminated.

Thankfully, Reality Steve has some answers. The reality TV blogger writes in a recent post, “We’ve seen the previews of Jesse telling Logan he has to leave next week. Well, it’s because Logan ended up getting COVID during filming. That’s why he’s eliminated in Amsterdam.”

Logan Palmer’s indecisiveness causes problems for him on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

A few of the men from Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette appear in the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, including Logan. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers revealed that Logan and Kate Gallivant from Clayton Echard’s season begin dating, but they break up before they leave. Reality Steve believes their breakup is caused by Logan’s inability to choose between Gabby and Rachel.

In a July 26 blog post, Reality Steve wrote, “If you followed the Paradise spoilers during filming, you know towards the end, Logan and Kate were a thing. Well, Kate and Logan inevitably end up breaking up in Paradise. Whatever the reasoning is I guess we’ll have to see it play out, but Gabby and Rachel BOTH were down in Paradise towards the end of filming and they told Kate about Logan and that he was indecisive and what not. So I’m guessing that played a role in their breakup? I just know they went down there and told her.”

We hope everyone’s a fan of this Bachelorette contestant because Logan will be on our television for the next few months. Tune in to ABC on Monday nights to watch new episodes of The Bachelorette.

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