‘The Bachelorette’: Reality Steve Confirms Viral Tiktok Rumor About Yosef Aborady

Clare Crawley is quickly getting to know the men on her season of The Bachelorette. Even though fans have only seen two weeks of the show, it’s clear who her frontrunners are and who she is already getting sick of. In the first two weeks, Yosef Aborady has already begun to make a bad name for himself. Now, a user on TikTok has come out with an even wilder story about Aborady.

Tyler C, Clare Crawley, and Yosef
Tyler Cottrill, Clare Crawley, and Yosef Aborady| Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Yosef got into an argument the first week

Anyone who watches Bachelor shows knows that it is not wise to argue with other contestants. It never ends well and might get you sent on the dreaded 2:1 date. But night one, Tyler Cottrill revealed that he had some information about Aborady.

“Coming into this, I was in a weird position to learn some stuff about Yosef,” Cottrill said. “A lot of being reckless on Instagram and flirting with girls where I’m from who know me.”

Unfortunately for Cottrill, Crawley didn’t seem to care about his warnings and sent him home and kept Aborady around.

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TikTok user calls Yosef out

It turns out that Cottrill’s story might have been a bit more serious than it seemed. Recently, a TikTok user claimed that she and Aborady were pretty serious about each other before The Bachelorette.

“Put a finger down if you were talking to this guy that dm’d you on Instagram and then after a few weeks of talking, you found out that he’s gonna be the villain on this season of ‘The Bachelorette,'” the user stated in the video. “And then, you still give him a chance and he comes down to see you because you guys don’t live in the same state and you’re like amazed at the effort he put in to come see you and how he Facetimes you all day for hours and texts you all day long and you guys talk about having a family and having kids and getting married and all of this stuff.

“And then he comes down and you kind of have a rocky weekend so on Sunday you were still upset and really didn’t want to talk about it,” she continued.

But after their weekend together, she alleges that she received an explicit video of Aborady talking about another girl, and instead of coming clean about it, he unfriended her on Snapchat and told her that his Snapchat logged him out.

Reality Steve verified the claims

Rumors always spread about the cast members of The Bachelorette and sometimes they don’t amount to anything. But as this TikTok began to go viral, Reality Steve followed up to verify the user’s claims.

“All those who’ve been asking, yes, I’ve seen the Tik Tok videos of Carly Hammond,” he tweeted. “I spoke w/ her last night to verify the information, she is talking about Yosef, she’s shown me more texts between them, & this all happened this past wknd. 3 videos total.”

Aborady has yet to respond to these accusations.