‘The Bachelorette’: Why Rodney Is Now a Fan Favorite After Episode 3

Every season of The Bachelorette, a few frontrunners emerge pretty early. But the people that the bachelorette falls for aren’t always the ones who fans like the most. This season, Rodney Matthews has described himself as the underdog, but after last night’s episode, fans are loving him, whether Michelle Young is or not.

Headshot of Rodney Mathews from ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 18 with Michelle Young
Rodney Matthews on ‘The Bachelorette’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Rodney is compassionate to Michelle on ‘The Bachelorette’

Last night, Rodney went on his first one-on-one date with Michelle. During the date, Michelle commended Rodney for being so “playful” and fun.

“You make it very easy to be yourself and for me to be me, and I need that,” Rodney said. “I never want to hide who I am.”

In addition to his playful side, Rodney gave Michelle the space to open up. When she recounted how one of her previous partners wasn’t there for her when someone called her the N-word, Rodney was compassionate.

“When I got home, I was visibly upset,” Michelle said. “The response was more how I was giving the woman more power because I was upset about it and because I chose to be upset about it. And I had to justify my emotions which I did at that time, I did. I justified, I tried to explain where I was coming from, and looking back on it that was my sign — I shouldn’t have ever had to justify my feelings. Whatever emotion I was feeling in that moment, I was allowed and I was allowed to feel that as long as I wanted to feel it.”

“I felt the same way with my ex,” Rodney shared. “Like you said, you never want to be complacent. You never want to settle. I’m just truly looking for my queen and the way that you act, the way that you carry yourself is so exciting for me.” 

Rodney’s falling in love

Rodney expressed worries about being in the friendzone with Michelle before. But on his date, the two really connected.

“I’m definitely developing feelings for Michelle, strong feelings,” Rodney said to the cameras. “And I can definitely see that developing into love, and it’s scary and exciting and it’s really amazing. I truly feel like Michelle could be the love of my life.”

Michelle later confirmed to him that he had made it to the other side of the friend zone.

‘The Bachelorette’ fans can’t get enough of Rodney

Rodney showed more of his personality on this date and fans were eating it up. Some people commended him just for asking questions about Michelle.

“Love that he asked a question back,” one person commented on YouTube. “That is so rare especially on this franchise.”

“You can tell this dude is a good one,” another person wrote.

“Forget Clayton… Rodney for Bachelor,” one person said.


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People on Instagram felt the same way.

“Rodney is genuinely one of the sweetest guys we have ever seen on the show,” one fan commented on an Instagram post of Rodney and Michelle. “He and Michelle had such great chemistry too!!! I love him 💗.”

Soem fans hoped that Michelle could see how amazing Rodney is.

“Sometimes we get caught up in what we’ve always been attracted to that we actually look past the person who would give his arm and leg for you,” one fan wrote. “I think he’s a good person who would make a wonderful husband and father. Hopefully, she sees his intentions.”