‘The Bachelorette’: These Are All of the Jokes Made About Dale Moss During the Roast

Sometimes the group dates on The Bachelorette can get awkward. That’s because the contestants don’t always get along. This season, most of the cast turned on Dale Moss so many of them made jokes about him during the roast date. These are all the jokes they made that got Clare Crawley so upset. [Warning spoilers for the week 3 episode!]

‘The Bachelorette’ contestants turned on Dale Moss

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss on 'The Bachelorette'
Clare Crawley and Dale Moss on ‘The Bachelorette’ Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

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It was obvious Dale quickly became Crawley’s favorite and it didn’t take long for the other men to notice. The week 3 episode showed Dale took her away first and the other men claimed they were gone for an hour.

They were in her room, and it looked like they were making out. “Eazy” Uzoma Nwachukwu eventually interrupted them, but things didn’t end there. Crawley was also shown telling producers to hurry the others along.

The men tried to call Dale out for taking up so much time after claiming to have an honor code. That didn’t really change anything because he later came back to steal more time with her.

Later they confronted Dale again. He claimed he was “best suited” for her and the men weren’t happy about that. They had a lot to say during the roast.

They joked about him marrying Clare Crawley

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There was a group of men who went on a group date and it was a roast led by comedian Margaret Cho. “I do love a guy who is bold,” Crawley said at the start of the date. “And I do love a guy who can roll with the punches and loves to laugh. So come up with your best jokes. Show me what you guys got.”

Dale wasn’t part of the date. But the rest of the guys were part of the audience so he got to listen. The guys didn’t hold back when talking about him.

“All jokes aside we are here for Clare. I’m really looking forward to doing this all again at the wedding. I know you’re thinking it’s between Dale and Clare, but it’s my wedding with Clare,” Ben Smith said. Crawley said he killed it because it didn’t hurt anybody’s feelings.

They joked about his name

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There were multiple jokes about Dale’s name. “NFL guy here, Dale. Dale, your last name’s Moss, right? The only reason NFL teams were signing you is because they thought Randy Moss was your dad,” Ivan Hall said.

“Then there’s this dude, Dale right? But like I get in the limo and it’s like ‘Dalai.’ I’m like, ‘Bro, there’s one Dalai and it’s Dalai Lama and it ain’t you so like your name’s Daleeee bro!'” Zac Clark said.

But then there were jokes about Dale’s love of making speeches. “What’s one thing y’all don’t know about Dale? Nothing because he doesn’t shut the f*ck up,” Jordan Chapman said.

“How long do you really think it’s going to take Clare to figure out that you’re here trying to campaign for president and actually have no interest in her?” asked Bennet Jordan. “Your speeches make absolutely no sense no matter how long you continue your run-on sentences. I’ve witnessed three cameramen collapse after falling asleep listening to you.”

He continued, “You look like the boa constrictor from the Jungle Book and it’s only a matter of time before Clare snaps out of your spell.”

It didn’t end there. “Since you said you’re the best suited for Clare, do me a favor and at least swing by my chateau for a little lesson in fashion before the big day. You big diva,” Bennet added.

The episode ended with Crawley and most of the men not being happy. Fans will have to wait and see how this will affect the next rose ceremony.