‘The Bachelorette’: When Does the Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams Switch Happen This Season?

The new season of The Bachelorette finally premieres tonight. After months of waiting, fans will finally get to see how Clare Crawley’s season plays out. But Crawley’s season is set to be a lot shorter than any we’ve ever seen before, as it has been revealed that at some point, she will be switched out of the lead position for Tayshia Adams, so when does the switch occur?

Clare Crawley | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Clare Crawley finds love

Just because Crawley gets replaced doesn’t mean that she goes home alone. No, Crawley actually found love too early on to make a whole season of the show.

According to multiple sources, Crawley began talking to contestant Dale Moss before filming began.

“One of her potential guys found a way to get in touch with her and they began talking,” a source told People. “By the time filming officially began, they were basically already in love. No one else stood a chance. It just became so obvious from her subsequent few dates that her heart wasn’t in it and she just wasn’t feeling it. Then she said she wanted out.”

Rumors that production wanted Clare to leave

No one is better at gathering spoilers and getting behind the scenes information on The Bachelor than Reality Steve.

According to Steve, Crawley and Moss didn’t have a preshow relationship and production nudged her to leave with him.

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“Based on the timing of when we heard Tayshia was headed to La Quinta to begin quarantine then film (it was 9 days after Clare’s first night), I can report to you that this was in productions plan before Clare’s season started,” Steve wrote on his blog. “They knew Clare would be removed at some point during this season and replaced as the Bachelorette by Tayshia. Did Clare know? No. Did the guys know? No. But production sure as h*ll did. So Clare falling for Dale early, something production had a sense would happen due to conversation with Clare pre-show and them knowing she was into him, this was gonna be their ‘twist’ from this season.”

When does the switch occur?

A Bachelorette has never been switched out like this while filming was happening. At the point when Adams was brought in, Crawley had already eliminated 14 guys and none of them returned for Adams.

“And as mentioned earlier, no one that Clare eliminated that I know of ever came back on the show, so that means that Tayshia had 20 men for her season,” Steve continued. “Also as far as I know, none of the guys left the show once Clare left and Tayshia came in. In terms of the transition of how the guys were informed about Clare’s decision, how was Tayshia introduced, who told them, how the new guys were brought in – I don’t have details on that.”

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According to Steve, the transition happened after the third rose ceremony.

“We can assume that since Clare had 3 rose ceremonies, it looks like she’ll be in 4 episodes,” he wrote. “Assuming they end episode #3 with the third rose ceremony, the following week will be the transition from Clare into Tayshia. But since we never know how they’re gonna edit these episodes or maybe not end episodes with rose ceremonies, that’s just a guess at this point.”