‘The Bachelorette’: Why Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ Love Story Might Not End With a Happily Ever After

Tonight, fans will get to see how Dale Moss and Clare Crawley’s love story continues on The Bachelorette. Due to the numerous rumors that Crawley quit the season to be with him, fans are eager to see how her interactions with the former athlete turn out. But there are some signs that things might not end how Crawley wants.

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley
Dale Moss and Clare Crawley | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Love at first sight?

There have been rumors that Crawley and Moss started talking before filming began. While Crawley has shot those rumors down, she did admit that she looked him up before filming started and she had a good feeling about him from the start.

“Dale, in a lot of his Stories, he would talk about his mom and he’d talk about his family,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “He was with his family a lot and that is something that deeply resonates with me. I just felt on any level, whether it be friendship, whether it be a romantic connection, I just felt like there would be that good connection with him. But you ultimately don’t know if it’s a romantic connection, because you’re just seeing him through social media.”

When Crawley did finally meet Moss, sparks flew almost immediately. After he got out of the limo, Crawley even said that he could be her husband. She later told the outlet that their meeting was electric.

“That was something that you can’t really anticipate with anybody, you don’t know,” she said.”[But I didn’t know] like, was he feeling that? Are we on the same page?

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“Usually in my experience, as relationships go, there’s always somebody that’s ahead of the other person,” she continued. “It’s really rare that you connect on that same page at the same time, so it was just — it was one of those magical things that I guess just happens.”

Why things may turn out badly

Throughout the promos, it’s clear that the other men are worried about Moss and claim that Crawley may not know Moss as well as she thinks she does.

But when it comes to the other men’s concerns about Moss, Crawley hasn’t been that worried.

“I knew the Dale that was in front of my face,” Crawley told the outlet. “Who he is to my face, that’s what I care about. … I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff that he shared with me, that a lot of guys shared with me, that they didn’t share with the other guys.”

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It’s not uncommon for the men on a season to pick an enemy who they feel they need to warn the lead about. But the men’s concerns paired with old interviews from Moss that reveal that he’s always wanted to be a tv personality could lead to trouble.

When asked by Midco Sports Network about his career goals, Moss spoke about wanting to be an entertainment host.

“That’s always been one of my focuses,” he said, according to Entertainment Tonight. “I think how Ryan Seacrest has built a brand and really an empire is really amazing, and I would love to model my career after him.”

Moss currently has his own company, Moss Media, and has been working on producing as well. His career ambitions could turn out to be a red flag for Crawley as the season goes on.