‘The Blacklist’: All 8 Season Finales Ranked Worst to Best

The Blacklist Season 9 has been highly anticipated. This season will certainly be different without Megan Boone as Liz Keen, but fans are still excited to continue Raymond Reddington’s journey. The Blacklist has been on for quite some time. The first episode premiered nearly a decade ago and some exciting season finales have taken place since then. Here’s how the finales rank from worst to best, according to IMDb.

Raymond Reddington wears a hat and sunglasses in The Blacklist Season 3 finale.
James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington | Peter Kramer/NBC

‘The Blacklist’ Season 7 finale ranked the worst

The season 7 finale, “The Kazanjian Brothers,” saw the drama between Liz, Katarina, and Red finally coming to a head. Liz made a decision about where her loyalties lie when she told Katarina, “I’m on your side.” The episode ends with a dramatic scene of Liz on the rooftop making a phone call to her mother.

Although the season 7 finale is ranked as the worst on IMDb with a score of 6.0, it’s still impressive what the show came up with while filming during a pandemic. Production for this episode was shut down halfway through filming. Instead of making fans wait for the final episode, the cast and crew improvised. The season 7 finale used animation to fill in the gaps of parts of the episode that hadn’t yet been filmed.

Season 8 ‘Konets’ (7.4) disappointed fans

The season 8 finale of The Blacklist didn’t sit well with some fans of the series. Season 8 focuses on Liz’s quest to discover Red’s true identity and the idea that she will possibly take over Red’s criminal empire. Then, Liz is suddenly killed in a heartbreaking scene. However, some fans are excited that The Blacklist Season 9 can now focus more on Red than Liz.

Season 5 ‘Sutton Ross’ (8.8) was slightly confusing

Next on the list is The Blacklist Season 5 finale “Sutton Ross.” This episode reveals the truth about the bones Red carries around. They belong to the real Raymond Reddington. The imposter fans have come to know killed the real Reddington and assumed his identity. While the season 8 finale was certainly a good episode with a score of 8.8, the conclusion was a tad bit confusing.

Season 1 ‘Berlin: Conclusion’ (9.0) ended with a surprise

The first season of The Blacklist ends with a bang. Liz and Red attempt to track down the mysterious escaped prisoner Berlin. Liz shoots Tom, who reveals to her that her father is alive. However, Red assures her that her father died in a fire. The final scene reveals that Red has burn scars on his back, a surprising ending that delighted fans.

‘The Blacklist’ Seasons 3, 4, & 6 finales tied for runner up

The seasons 3, 4, and 6 finales tied for the runner-up with scores of 9.1 each. The season 3 finale, “Alexander Kirk: Conclusion,” had several twists and turns. It ended with the reveal that Liz faked her death, only for Red to find her held captive by Alexander Kirk. In the season 4 finale, “Mr.Kaplan: Conclusion,” Liz seemingly got an answer to the burning question of the identity of her father.

The season 6 finale, “Robert Diaz,” saw Liz as the most heroic and likable she has been in a while, which fans enjoyed. Dembe also saves Red’s life, only for him to be abducted by Katarina at the end of the episode.

Season 2 ‘Tom Connolly’ (9.3) is the best

The Blacklist Season 2 finale received the highest rating on IMDb with a score of 9.3. Liz fatally shot Tom Connolly, which triggers the recall of an important memory. She remembers that as a child, she shot and killed her abusive father in order to protect her mother. The episode ends with Liz’s name being added to the FBI Ten Most Wanted list.

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