‘The Blacklist’ Cast Discuss What Their Blacklister Names Would Be

In the first episode of The Blacklist, James Spader’s character Raymond Reddington turns himself in to the FBI. Reddington has a “blacklist” of global terrorists and criminals and claims he wants to help the FBI track them down. Most of these criminal masterminds have earned themselves an eerie nickname that pertains to the crimes they commit. The Blacklist cast sat down to think about what their criminal mastermind names would be, and the results were pretty hilarious.

Two members of The Blacklist cast,Laura Sohn as Agent Alina Park and Amir Arison as Aram Mojtabai look up.
Laura Sohn as Agent Alina Park and Amir Arison as Aram Mojtabai | Will Hart/NBC

‘The Blacklist’ criminals have clever nicknames

Not every criminal on the list has a nickname, but many of them do. For example, the first season introduced fans to “The Stewmaker,” a criminal nicknamed after his ability to make bodies disappear using chemicals in a bathtub. Kathryn Nemec is a blacklister referred to by her nickname “Mr. Kaplan.” Kathryn dated a woman named Annie Kaplan. An ex-con shot and killed Annie, before calling Kathryn Mr. Kaplan. Thus the nickname was born.

‘The Blacklist’ cast reveal their blacklister names

The Blacklist cast members who play FBI agents don’t get to have cool nicknames for their characters. With that being said, the cast sat down for an interview to discuss what their criminal blacklister nicknames would be.

“My blacklister name would be The Grim Reaper because that was my nickname in high school on the pool table,” said Harry Lennix, who plays Harold Cooper on the show. “I think that Harold Cooper has some skills actually that people aren’t aware of.”

“I think he was a pool hustler at one point who found his way into law and order as a result of that.” Lennix also pointed out that The Grim Reaper would make a great WWE name.

Amir Arison, who plays, Aram Mojtabai had trouble taking the question seriously. “If I was a blacklister I guess my name would be… The Hacker,” he said, “but that’s like obvious.” Arison then tried toying with other titles, remembering that Aram has a turtle named Turbo. “Maybe he’s the Turbo Hacker,” suggested Arison. “If Aram was a blacklister, he would be The Pushover,” he laughed.

Laura Sohn, who plays Alina Park, had a more straightforward answer. “My blacklister name would be Stella because I think I would deal with explosives,” she said.

‘The Blacklist’ cast discuss the criminals they would not want to face

The Blacklist cast was then asked which criminals from the series they would least like to go up against. Diego Klattenhoff, who plays Donald Ressler, gave a very Ressler answer to the question. “They don’t scare me at all,” he said.

Hisham Tawfiq who plays Dembe had a similar answer. “I’m not afraid to go up against any blacklister,” he replied. Again, Sohn had a more straightforward answer. “The blacklister that I would not want to go up against is Dr. Laken Perillos because I am absolutely terrified of having someone operate on me and like torture me,” Sohn revealed. The tasks force will have new terrifying criminals to hunt down in The Blacklist Season 9.

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