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The Blacklist Season 9 is several episodes in, and fans are already wondering what’s next for the series. Season 9 is the first without Megan Boone and Jon Bokenkamp. A lot has changed and the NBC series has been on the air for almost a decade. Many fans are concerned that season 9 might be the last of The Blacklist, but here’s why NBC will likely renew for season 10.

The Blacklist will likely be renewed for season 10. James Spader as Red wearing a hat, suit, and sunglasses.
James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington in ‘The Blacklist’ | Will Hart/NBC

Why fans love ‘The Blacklist’

The Blacklist initially drew fans in with its compelling storyline and talented actors. The FBI’s most wanted criminal Raymond “Red” Reddington turns himself in and agrees to help the FBI catch criminals. The exception is that he will only talk to rookie profiler Liz Keen.

The Blacklist has the air of a procedural show while still making fans care about each character and giving them a reason to come back every week. The Johnny Green gathered fans’ take on why they watch the show, and here’s what they had to say.

“I enjoy the storylines because of how they turn out,” Matthew Delmar, a recent fan of the series once said. “Sometimes they are cut and dry, but most TV shows have storylines like that. Most of the time they are not and you don’t see them coming. For this season and for the series, most of the twists you don’t see coming.”

“They have done a good job of developing secondary storylines, and it hasn’t run out of steam like other shows do after a few seasons,” said Mr. Hay, a longtime fan of the series.

One actor keeps fans coming back week after week. “James Spader’s Red is one of the best characters on TV,” said Mr. Hay. “Spader’s a person who can carry a show even if it’s bad, but that’s not the case here.” The Blacklist fans are borderline obsessed with Spader, and he could be the key to keeping the show going.

Is this the last season of ‘The Blacklist’?

For many fans of The Blacklist, as long as Spader is on the show, they will continue to watch. In previous interviews, Spader has stated how much he enjoys playing Red on The Blacklist.

“If I’m choosing a project on content,” he told The Guardian. “It’s through a prism of sexuality, in the oddest corners of someone’s life. I’m not someone so much interested in exploring a slice of life unless that is down the corridor, around the corner, up the alley, and down the rabbit hole. That I like.”

James Spader as Raymon Reddington in 'The Blacklist' is wearing a dark blue coat and black hat and sitting in a chair.
James Spader as Raymon Reddington in ‘The Blacklist’ | Sandro/NBC

‘The Blacklist’ Season 9: Either Red or Liz Keen Had to Go, Here’s Why

Spader mentioned in the same interview that he understandably enjoys the consistent income that comes with working on a TV show. Recently, Spader has made no mention of slowing down or desiring to leave The Blacklist. It seems likely that if Spader is willing to stay on, The Blacklist Season 10 will happen.

What’s more, many fans are enjoying the changes brought into The Blacklist Season 9. It’s no secret that Liz wasn’t every fan’s favorite character. The storyline of Liz seeking out Red’s identity was also beginning to get a little tired. Following Liz’s death, there is more opportunity to develop the storylines of other characters on the show.

Is ‘The Blacklist’ renewed for season 10?

NBC has not yet officially confirmed that The Blacklist Season 10 will happen. Although ratings have been down a bit this season, Looper points out that for a show that has been on the air so long, it still delivers consistently decent-sized ratings.

The outlet also points out that the series is a popular streaming choice on Netflix, which could further sway NBC to renew. It seems like as long as ratings stay steady and James Spader sticks around, The Blacklist Season 10 has a good chance of happening.