‘The Blacklist’ Season 9: Fans Are Ready for This Storyline to End

The Blacklist is back for season 9 and fans have plenty of questions that need answering. Episode 1 “The Skinner” revealed what has become of the task force in the two years following Liz’s death. However, it certainly didn’t tie up all loose ends. Raymond “Red” Reddington’s true identity has been a central question throughout the series. However, some fans feel that this storyline is played out and needs to end.

James Spader as Red in The Blacklist Season 9. Red is wearing a hat and sunglasses.
James Spader as Red in ‘The Blacklist’ Season 9 | Will Hart/NBC

Red’s identity is a central storyline in ‘The Blacklist’

Red’s true identity has been an important mystery throughout the series. First, it seemed like perhaps Red was Liz’s father. However, it is later revealed that Red killed the real Reddington and took his place. Later it was heavily hinted that Red is Liz’s mother, Katarina.

For some fans, the season 8 finale “Konets” confirmed this theory. Others still have their doubts. “Strongly oppose Redarina, I have written countless posts on the reasons why, but the biggest problem is the holes it creates, especially in the dialogue,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

“You would have to explain why everything Kate says leading up to her death shows that she believed Red was Reddington.” Other fans questioned whether it was medically possible for Red to have had such an intense transformation.

The debate about Red’s true identity has deeply divided fans. However, with Liz dead, never to find out the truth about Reddington’s identity, some fans are ready to just put this storyline to rest.

Some fans hope this storyline won’t continue in ‘The Blacklist’ Season 9

Troy Heinritz and Aaron Peterson, hosts of The Blacklist Exposed podcast, discussed the storyline of Reddington’s identity. The hosts agreed that this storyline as the driving force of the show has been dragged out for too long on the series.

“I don’t need that anymore. I feel like that has been burned out. As a fan that’s not fun anymore. ‘Who is Red?’ is not fun anymore,” Peterson said. “The show is still fun with Spader and the characters and the blacklisters and how crazy they can be and tracking them down and whatever new mythology you build, but the whole ‘Who is Red?’ is not fun to me anymore as a fan.”

Another fan commented on the podcast, “I’m over the whole, who is he, who isn’t he crud. If they got rid of Liz and just showed Red messing with the Feds and having them chase other bad guys around I would be happy with the show again.”

That’s not to say that the series can’t officially address Red’s identity, but it shouldn’t be the focus of The Blacklist Season 9. “I dislike the Rederina theory and honestly It has been torturous and made me disconnect from the show,” a fan wrote on Reddit. “Megan Boone is leaving the show. I just want it to end and get at least 1 concrete answer.”

Will ‘The Blacklist’ Season 9 confirm Red’s identity?

Whether The Blacklist Season 9 confirms Red’s identity or not, hopefully, the new season won’t devote too much time to this storyline. The season 9 premiere didn’t mention Red’s identity. In fact, episode 1 almost felt like a whole new show. It’s possible that the new season will focus solely on the former task force hunting criminals, and leave the storyline of Red’s identity in the past.

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