‘The Blacklist’ Season 9: When Does the NBC Series Return With Episode 10?

The Blacklist Season 9 has had its fair share of delays. Around the holidays, the show had multiple weeks with no new episodes. Now the James Spader series is on a break again. NBC will delay releasing new episodes of the series until after the Winter Olympics are over. Here’s when fans can expect the show to return with episode 10.

James Spader as Raymond Reddington in The Blacklist Season 9. Red looks up at someone. He is wearing a dark blue jacket and white collared shirt.
James Spader as Raymond Reddington in ‘The Blacklist’ Season 9 | Will Hart/NBC

Fans were left with many questions after ‘Boukman Baptiste’

The Blacklist Season 9 first returned to viewers’ screens on Oct. 21, 2021. Since then the new season has released a total of only nine episodes. The most recent episode, “Boukman Baptiste,” aired on Jan. 20, 2022, and it will be over a month before new episodes are released.

Episode 9 was one of the most important episodes so far this season. It filled fans in on what happened to Dembe in the years following Liz Keen’s death. Raymond Reddington disappeared and left Dembe to try to continue running his criminal empire. When Dembe tried to eliminate an enemy of Red’s named Boukman Baptiste, he ended up unintentionally killing the man’s son. After that, Dembe decided to join the FBI.

Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma in The Blacklist Season 9. Dembe wears a striped sweater and black jacket.
Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma in ‘The Blacklist’ Season 9 | Will Hart/NBC

Red and Dembe have a moment of reconciliation where Red finally apologizes for abandoning his friend. Red also realizes that an unknown person must have helped Vandyke find and kill Liz. Now Red needs Dembe’s help in discovering who that mysterious person could be.

When will ‘The Blacklist’ Season 9 return?

The Blacklist Season 9 won’t return with a new episode until late February. The series is going on a break while NBC airs the Winter Olympics. The games begin on Feb. 4 and end on Feb. 20. Then The Blacklist will return with episode 10 on Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. EST, according to Deadline.

Fans of The Blacklist should note that the series is getting a new time slot after the February break. Until now, season 9 was releasing new episodes on Thursday nights. Now the show will return to releasing new episodes on Fridays, a time slot that the series has had in the past.

NBC has not yet released the title or episode synopsis for episode 10. However, it’s safe to say that Red will be pretty preoccupied in his quest to find Vandyke’s accomplice. Many fans didn’t like the tension and distance between Red and Dembe that has been present throughout season 9. Now that the pair have talked it out, they may have a more amicable relationship for the rest of the season.

Where to watch ‘The Blacklist’ Season 9 Episode 10

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 10 will air on NBC as usual when the show returns. Fans just need to keep in mind that the show will be releasing new episodes on Fridays from here on out. Additionally, viewers without cable can watch new episodes of The Blacklist on Peacock the following day. For fans who need to get caught up, seasons 1-8 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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