‘The Blacklist’: Why Amir Arison’s Girlfriend Was Upset by an Old Instagram Post

Amir Arison isn’t only an FBI agent on NBC’s The Blacklist, but he’s also a dog-lover with an adorable rescue. That in and of itself isn’t an issue — unless you ask Arison’s girlfriend about an old Instagram post.

Amir Arison adopted Reina the Rescue

Amir Arison
Amir Arison | Jason Mendez/WireImage

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Arison might be a big star on a hit crime drama but the actor told Bonobos he always wanted a dog.

“Growing up, my mom and I voted yes, and my dad and my sister voted no. So eventually my mom just got one on her own after we had moved out, and now my dad loves her,” he said.

He went on to explain that he fostered a dog before, but his schedule conflicted with the time it takes to care for a dog.

“Suddenly you get an audition, or you’ve got to go somewhere, and you drive across town and you come back and you’ve got to walk the dog three times. And I just couldn’t figure out how to do it.”

His foster dog at the time did find a loving home, but it only made the need for his own grow fonder. He resolved to rescue one when he found a partner to share responsibilities.

Then, the star got the gig on The Blacklist and his schedule got even more hectic. He had a girlfriend, though, and ironically, each chose the same dog to rescue — independently. Her name is Reina and her discernable trait is an undrbite.

Why an old post upset Arison’s girlfriend

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The love between Arison and Reina is strong. He revealed he calls her “nugget” at times.

“My girlfriend gets jealous when I call her ‘baby girl.’ Because my girlfriend wants to be called baby girl. So now I call them my baby girls,” Arison said.

“I posted a picture when we first got her. I said ‘Find someone you love and hold on tight.’ And it’s me and Reina as a puppy. And my girlfriend was legit upset.”

There aren’t any photos of Arison and his girlfriend on social media to be found, but there are plenty of Reina pics.

Reina is as adored as Arison

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Not only does Reina visit the set of The Blacklist to give the stars a little love, but she has her own Instagram page and can be found riding along with Arison wherever he goes.

“The first holiday we had with her, my friends came over to meet her, and they brought her a stuffed menorah and she loved it,” he said, adding he isn’t necessarily religious but for Reina, all bets are off. “I was like, ‘This is amazing, my dog’s Jewish!’” 

Arison might be known for his role in Hollywood, but to Reina, he wins all the awards for the man who saved her life.