‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Dr. Finnegan’s Motives Might Be Darker Than It Seems

The Bold and the Beautiful is one of television’s most popular dramas, a soap opera with thrills, romantic intrigue, and character development galore. Over the years, fans have become heavily invested in many of the show’s storylines and characters, and tune in on a weekly basis to learn what their favorites are up to.

One particular character who has received a great deal of fan ire over the years (as well as fan interest) is Steffy Forrester, a strong-willed daughter of privilege who has gotten involved with many unsavory men over the years. Her recent romantic entanglement could prove to be especially dangerous, as recent episodes suggest. 

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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ is a fan-favorite soap opera

Premiering on television in 1987, The Bold and the Beautiful tells the story of the wealthy Forrester family and their trials and tribulations, both personally and professionally. As the stewards of the famed fashion house Forrester Creations, the Forresters frequently get caught up in serious drama, bringing viewers along for the ride. Many of the actors attached to the series, such as John McCook, have been with the show for decades, while others, such as Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, are slightly new additions, but no less beloved.

Wood joined the series in 2008 as the bold Steffy Forrester and has received a great deal of critical acclaim for her work, including winning a 2019 Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.  

Steffy Forrester has a complicated romantic history

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Steffy Forrester has issues, there’s no doubt about that. Her deep-seated problems have led to several tough relationships with various men over the years, including, notoriously, Liam Spencer and Wyatt Spencer. For a number of episodes, Steffy was involved in a love triangle with Hope Logan and Liam Spencer before that crashed and burned in spectacular fashion.

Recently, Steffy was involved in a motorcycle accident that led her to be hospitalized. During her time in recovery, Steffy struggles with her feelings for Bill Spencer, which had many fans theorizing that she would end up back with him — still, her attentions were caught by her attractive attending physician, Dr. Finnegan. The doctor and Steffy developed an immediate attraction for each other, and in recent episodes, they have begun to act on it. 

Fans are questioning Steffy and Dr. Finnegan’s relationship

Although Steffy and Dr. Finnegan definitely have chemistry, and the doctor helped to save Steffy’s life after the accident, some fans are theorizing that he could have some sinister motives. For one, Dr. Finnegan gave Steffy his personal cell phone number, in case she needed any “after-hours assistance,” something that is quite unusual for a professional doctor to do. Additionally, after Steffy was discharged, he stopped by her house to check on her and to let her know that he lives nearby. 

In one of the most recent episodes of the show, Dr. Finnegan declares his feelings to Steffy, but while Steffy seemed receptive to his advances, Liam Spencer isn’t so sure. In fact, Steffy’s former flame is highly suspicious of the charming doctor’s motives and doesn’t think that he truly has Steffy’s best interests at heart, according to Inquisitr.

Furthermore, Steffy might not be thinking with an entirely clear mind, since she has developed a dependency on prescription medication following her hospital stay. Liam recently confronted Finnegan — but of course, the doctor defended himself, and his feelings for Steffy, declaring them to be genuine. Still, fans (as well as the character of Liam Spencer) will remain suspicious of Finnegan, at least until he manages to prove himself to be truly trustworthy.