‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Fans Don’t Think Zoe Is Good Enough For Carter

The Bold and the Beautiful is a world-renowned soap opera, a show that has been on the air since 1987 and continues to garner new fans by the day. The series has received critical acclaim and has welcomed many talented actors to the set over the years. The Bold and the Beautiful has a very passionate fan base and viewers regularly take to social media to let showrunners know their opinions about some characters and situations. Recently, some fans sounded off on a new love triangle, involving longtime fan-favorite characters Zoe and Carter. 

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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ is known for epic love triangles

At the center of The Bold and the Beautiful universe is the wealthy Forrester family, a group of fashion house moguls who are frequently at odds with their rivals, the Logan family. The series highlights love, loss, divorce, mysterious children, and much more, all surrounded by the trappings of extreme wealth and stunning Southern California landscapes. 

While many soap operas become the subject of ridicule due to over-the-top storylines, The Bold and the Beautiful has received a great deal of critical acclaim — including literally dozens of Daytime Emmy Awards. The show has received special renown for the thrilling love triangles, which frequently involve some of the series’ most popular characters. These days, The Bold and the Beautiful continues to film new episodes, with new restrictions in place due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The actors behind Zoe and Carter on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

In 2013, the character of Carter Walton, played by the talented actor Lawrence Saint-Victor, joined The Bold and the Beautiful. Carter Walton is a successful lawyer, who struggles at finding his own love connection all while he officiates weddings for many of the show’s other characters. After a longtime romance with Maya Avant, Carter embarked on a brand-new affair, with controversial character Zoe Buckingham.

As much as fans love Carter, many viewers are more torn when it comes to their feelings for Zoe. The character joined the show in 2018 and relatively quickly, formed an intense romantic attachment to Thomas Forrester. The two prepared to tie the knot, but right before the wedding, Zoe broke things off when she discovered that Thomas’s motives might not be as pure as she had hoped. Following the failed romance, Zoe turns to Carter, who falls hard for Zoe in short order. 

Fans don’t think that Zoe is good enough for Carter


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There is a problem with Carter and Zoe’s romance, however — Zoe seems to still have feelings for Zende Forrester-Dominguez, which could eventually spell problems not only for Carter, but for Paris as well, who seems to be romantically involved with Zende. Recently, Carter proposed to Zoe — but while Carter seems to be thrilled with the way it went, Zoe is struggling, and refuses to call off her flirtation with Zende. As with everything The Bold and the Beautiful, the course of true love rarely runs straight, so it is likely that fans will see a big blowup in future episodes. Still, viewers are already finding issues with the romance between Zoe and Carter and recently took to Twitter to sound off.

Fans on Twitter aren’t loving how Carter has been written to seem over-infatuated with Zoe, and think he deserves better than her. Other fans think he is sometimes bordering on looking desperate — which doesn’t make sense for a smart, successful, and handsome lawyer! Right now, it seems as though Carter and Zoe’s trip down the aisle will be rocky – but fans will have to tune in to new episodes to see how their love story shakes out — and if showrunners take their criticism to heart.