‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Some Fans Think Paris and Carter’s Wedding Was ‘Boring’

Paris Buckingham is one of the most divisive characters in The Bold and the Beautiful. From her surprise arrival in Los Angeles to her whirlwind romance with Zende, Paris has always done things her way – and fans have always had a lot to say about it.

Recently, Paris seemed to have found her happily-ever-after, planning her marriage to Carter, but when things crashed and burned in grand style, Paris was left trying to pick up the pieces. In the wake of it all, fans have been taking to social media to discuss Paris’ ill-fated wedding and why they aren’t very invested in that storyline.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' actor Lawrence Saint-Victor as Carter Walton
Lawrence Saint-Victor as Carter Walton | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

What did fans have to say about Paris and Carter’s wedding?

Paris nursed a crush on Carter Walton for quite some time, even while she was still in a relationship with Zende. Eventually, Carter and Paris embarked on a full-blown relationship, with Paris ending her romance with Zende after he proposed marriage.

She happily accepted Carter’s proposal of marriage, however, opting to plan a wedding that was heavily promoted as one of the big moments in The Bold and the Beautiful history.

While many fans slammed sneak peeks of Carter and Paris’s wedding, noting that the two looked miserable, things got worse the closer the two got to the altar. “What a boring wedding,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Many others slammed her wedding dress, with one fan claiming that Paris’s wedding gown looked like a “curtain.”

Paris and Carter’s wedding ceremony ended in dramatic fashion

The wedding certainly ended in a surprising way, with Carter’s old flame Quinn interrupting the ceremony to confess her undying love for Carter. According to Soaps, Quinn makes her emotional declaration by telling Carter that she loves him more than anything in the world and that she can’t let him go.

While Paris was clearly livid about Quinn showing up, telling Carter to turn back to her and get through the ceremony, it was obvious that Carter had made up his mind. Carter and Quinn met each other in the aisle, sharing an embrace even as Paris fumed at the altar.

Lawrence Saint-Victor, who plays Carter, opened up to TV Insider about the way the wedding went down, admitting that when Quinn showed up at the wedding, it was “everything he ever dreamed about.” Saint-Victor discussed Quinn and Carter’s romance, noting, “It never ended. They just decided to go their separate ways but their love never, you know, ended.”

The star also dished about how Paris reacted to having her wedding called off, saying, “I don’t know if there’s any softening of leaving someone at the altar. Paris said to Carter, ‘I know you’re not over Quinn, but if you want to get over her, get over her with me’ … hopefully she’s understanding.”

What’s next for Paris?

While fans haven’t expressed much sympathy for Paris after she was dumped at the altar, it’s possible that the controversial character won’t be single for long. With Zende, Paris’s former love interest, stepping up to comfort Paris, some fans are starting to suspect that the two could reignite their romance.

Some people in Paris’s inner circle have stated in the past that Zende is the man for her, so being left during her wedding ceremony could be the impetus she needs to take action. Certainly, The Bold and the Beautiful social media channels have been teasing a bold new storyline with Paris and Zende – so fans will have to stay tuned to see if something pops off with the two former flames.

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