‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Think Steffy’s New Romance Will Lead Her Back to Liam

There are a lot of popular soap operas on television, but few are as popular with fans as The Bold and the Beautiful. For decades, viewers have followed along with the wealthy Forrester family as they navigate the perils of the fashion business, as well as their own personal lives. One of the most popular characters in the series is Steffy Forrester, a wealthy child of privilege with a habit of choosing the wrong man. Fans love debating Steffy’s various romantic partners through the years, and recently, they took to Twitter to discuss how she could very well end up with a surprising old flame. 

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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ debuted in 1987

In 1987, The Bold and the Beautiful debuted on the CBS network. It was originally designed and created as a sister show to The Young and the Restless, another hugely popular soap opera — and over the years, the characters from both shows have been including in major crossover events, much to the delight of viewers everywhere. To this day, The Bold and the Beautiful remains one of the most popular, groundbreaking soap operas of all time, with a passionate, dedicated fanbase.

The premise of the show is the Forrester dynasty, a wealthy family based in California, and their fashion house, Forrester Creations. The family often clashes with the Logan clan, a group of middle-class people who regularly find themselves at odds with the high-profile, eccentric Forresters. The Bold and the Beautiful is unique in that the show features several acclaimed actors in the lead roles, performers who have maintained their association with the show for decades. The acting, as well as the writing and direction, has earned the show a number of awards and nominations over the years. 

Who is Steffy Forrester?

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One of the show’s most divisive, intriguing characters is Steffy Forrester, the daughter of Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes. Steffy made her first appearance on the show in 1999, as an infant, and was rapidly aged to a teenager in 2005. In 2008, the actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood took over the role, and was aged once again, becoming an adult. Steffy is a problematic character to many viewers, and although she has suffered some trauma in her life, she has made a number of very questionable relationship decisions.

Steffy has been involved in a few love triangles over the course of the past ten years, and was at one point tangled up in a complicated love triangle between Liam Spencer and his father, Bill Spencer. Although she has since moved on and is currently embroiled in a torrid back-and-forth with a new character, Dr. Finnegan, many fans believe that it is only a matter of time until she reunites with Liam. 

Fans think that Steffy Forrester will end up with Liam Spencer

In recent episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, fans have witnessed Steffy Forrester getting closer to Dr. John Finnegan, a talented doctor who managed to save Steffy’s life after a freak motorcycle accident. While there’s no doubt that the two have chemistry, many fans believe that Steffy’s latest romantic plot twist is an effort by creators to re-establish her love affair with Liam.

“For sure they’ll have her pining after boring Liam again,” one fan on Twitter stated. It certainly seems as though showrunners have set the stage for some serious romantic drama in days to come. After all — Steffy Forrester is daytime television’s queen of mysterious and dramatic love triangles.