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The Bold and the Beautiful has survived while many other soap operas have gone off the air. One of the reasons the show has continued to do so well while others haven’t is because the creative team has a long history of identifying couples who will enjoy many years of intense back and forth with one another. 

The writers understand the insane romantic ups and downs fan-favorite couples have is the best way to keep rating high. Steffy and Liam are one such couple. The pair appear to be destined to be together, yet in true soap fashion, something always happens that rips them apart. However, something interesting is developing in the Steffy fan base.

It appears that many fans aren’t convinced that Steffy should return to Liam. Many are talking about how they’d like to see a change in the character’s trajectory. Many feel this change should include a new man.

The current state of Steffy’s life

Bob Barker and Scott Clifton
Bob Barker and Scott Clifton | Lisette M. Azar/CBS via Getty Images

Things aren’t good for Steffy right now. According to Soap Opera Spy, she is struggling with a serious addiction which came to a head in recent episodes when Steffy was forced to confront how desperately she needs the medication and what she’s willing to do for a refill.

As expected, this creates yet another rift in her on-again, off-again relationship with Liam. This is a bittersweet moment, both for Steffy and for fans of the couple. The scene shows how much history the Steffy and Liam share, it shows just how much Steffy continues to care for Liam, and it shows just how much she has started to spiral out of control.

At the same time, Liam is having a parenting talk with Hope. The way he tells her that Steffy still has the ultimate say on where Kelly is and when she’ll be there proves that despite all that has happened between Steffy and Liam, he still respects and cares for her. While they might not have been together during the episode, it was enough to make any shipper’s heart glow.

The problem The Bold and the Beautiful’s creative team faces is that it seems the number of shippers the couple have isn’t as prominent as they once were.

A recent Twitter post revealed that a surprisingly large number of fans would like to see Steffy and Liam part ways once and for all, leaving room for Hope and Liam to develop a long term and meaningful relationship.

Is there a new man in Steffy’s life?


‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans are Worried Steffy’s Character Will be Ruined Like Sally’s

There are a few reasons why fans are growing weary of Steffy and Liam’s rocky romantic road. It appears that one of the big reasons fans are no longer feeling the love for Liam and Steffy is because of a potential new man in Steffy’s life, Dr. Finn.

He’s everything a soap opera doctor should be: hot, romantic, caring, and obviously into Steffy. Based purely on how he patiently listened to Steffy’s life story and seemed to understand her need for pills, even while concerned about her mental health he’s a standup guy. That one scene has left fans swooning.

Many feel that he is the man who will finally help heal Steffy’s heart. It’s impossible to tell if he’ll be the love of her life, but many fans are eager to find out.

Steffy’s future on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Based on the current love affair the writing team has with love triangles it’s likely that Steffy’s immediate future will include an intense love triangle that ultimately pits Liam and Finn against one another. It’s also likely that Hope will be heavily involved in the situation.

Fans will likely enjoy some intense romance, hot sex scenes, toe-curling kisses, and bouts of rage. All of this will likely be mixed up with Steffy’s drug addiction storyline.

The only way to find out which man ultimately claims Steffy’s heart is to keep watching the show.