‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Want the Love Triangles to End

For as long as there have been soap operas, there have been love triangles. These love triangles serve many purposes, including letting the writers explore the chemistry between two actors/characters, give fans an opportunity to see how a “dream couple” works, and to up the tension of the show. In short, love triangles are exactly the kind of thing that keeps fans tuning in day after day.

Despite the historical success of love triangles, they are a plot device that many The Bold and the Beautiful fans have grown weary of.

Is ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ relying too much on love triangles?

Matthew Atkinson (Thomas) and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy)
Matthew Atkinson (Thomas) and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images)

Yes, love triangles have always been a big part of The Bold and the Beautiful, but fans claim that lately, it seems like every single plot revolves around a love triangle.

While a good love triangle encourages fan engagement and drives ratings, there is a limit to how many love triangles fans want to deal with during a short span. Current love triangles include Brook/Ridge/Shauna, Hope/Liam/Steffy, and Brooke/Bill/Katie.

That’s a lot of love going around as well as a lot of will they, won’t they that fans are forced to contend with. Each of these love triangles takes up a great deal of the show’s allotted time, meaning that there is very little screen time left for meatier storylines that show there is more to each character’s life than jumping from one relationship to the next.

Are fans over the love triangles?

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Obviously the current The Bold and the Beautiful writers are loving the challenge of working with so many love triangles, but fans are starting to object. All one has to do is read through the show’s Twitter feed, particularly the posts that pertain to the Shauna/Ridge/Brooke storyline to see that fans are over the back and forth between couples.

Each person has their own reason for objecting to the love triangles that have taken over the show. Many feel that the characters should be allowed to settle with one love and enjoy them for a reasonable amount of time. Some fans want different storylines.

Other fans feel that it’s difficult to empathize or connect with characters that never seem to be happy with a partner and are always looking for something different.

The end result is that the discussion boards and social forums are blowing up with irritated comments from fans who hope the writers start creating scripts that contain something other than love triangles.

What ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ fans really want

Romance, sex, and betrayal will always be a major aspect of The Bold and the Beautiful. Fans understand that, but they want more.

According to Soap Dirt, they would love it if the writers would spend less time on love triangles and more time on drama heavy plot lines, particularly ones that revolve around fashion, which is one of the common denominators that link the characters. 

Asking that the writers dedicate more time to fashion, murder, and mystery doesn’t mean that there will no longer be any love triangles on the show. It’s a soap opera, there will always be relationship drama.

It’s possible that if the fans put enough pressure on the creative team that the writers will shorten up the amount of time each love triangle lasts. They can also make sure that couples get to spend a little more time in the happy for now part of relationships, and might even find that some of the female characters will be OK, perhaps even happy, if they’re allowed to be single for short periods of time. 

The only way fans will get the type of storylines they dream of is by continuing to state why they’re tired of love triangles and discuss the type of stories they do want to see.