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As one of the most popular daytime soap operas ever to run on television, The Bold and the Beautiful is frequently at the center of various fan controversies. Viewers love to share their opinions about various characters and storylines and can get particularly passionate about couples.

One fan-favorite pair has often caused fans to get heated, and on a recent Twitter post, viewers revealed just how much they are pulling for Wyatt and Hope to get back together. 

What is ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ about?

Wyatt Spencer staring at camera
Darin Brooks plays Wyatt Spencer | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

In 1987, The Bold and the Beautiful premiered on television, and the soap opera genre would never be the same. The show, created as a sister program to The Young and the Restless, focuses primarily on the wealthy and influential Forrester family and their extended relatives, friends, and business associates. Over the years, the show has introduced many additional characters, but the true heart of The Bold and the Beautiful has always centered around family. 

The Bold and the Beautiful has won a roster of awards over the years, including over thirty Daytime Emmy Awards. In 2011, the show switched to high-definition, making the viewing experience even more immersive for fans. These days, The Bold and the Beautiful still reigns supreme as one of television’s top dramas. The show celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2017 and is showing no signs of going away — which is music to the ears of longtime fans, many of whom have grown up with the series and continue to tune in, year after year. 

Wyatt and Hope are two popular characters on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

With The Bold and the Beautiful centering around the Forrester family and their fashion house, it only makes sense that most of the main characters would be Forresters themselves. Two of the longest-running actors on the show, John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang, have been with the show since it first debuted in 1987 — however, over the years, many other talented stars have made their mark on the set of The Bold and the Beautiful

Wyatt Spencer is one character that fans really seem to love. As played by Darin Brooks, Wyatt has been a series mainstay since 2013. He is the oldest son of Bill Spencer, Jr. and is considered by many other characters on the show to be carefree and reckless. For years, Wyatt was involved in a relationship with Hope Logan, played by Annika Noelle.

Fans want Wyatt and Hope to reunite on the show


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Wyatt and Hope’s love story has gone through many twists and turns over the years. Ultimately, Wyatt’s reckless nature and uncompromising independence cost him his relationship with Hope, and she went on to form a romance with Liam. Although Liam is much more steady and reliable than Wyatt, many fans still pine for the glory days of his romance with Hope, and hold out for an eventual reunion between the two.

In a recent Twitter post, fans flocked to the comments to post their opinions regarding Wyatt and Hope, reiterating that they believe the two should be together again. “Wyatt and Hope were good together,” one fan claimed, while another posted that “I just love Wyatt. He needs a good story and a woman who is not a Liam leftover!” Wyatt has long been a fan-favorite among viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful, so it isn’t surprising that fans want him to be front and center again, possibly with his own romantic storyline. If that story somehow involves Hope, that would be even more intriguing for fans.